Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Christianity, Tradition and Family Values

In parts of America and Australia, there is an identification between Christianity and “tradition” and “family values”; and I am not sure why this identification is being made. Most people in the Bible either were single or slept with any number of women, with Solomon having 500 wives and 500 concubines – and Abraham, who was not a king, having a concubine in addition to a wife.

In no way does Christianity own marriage or the family unit. The Hindus are more family-oriented than most Western Christians, and they do not practice Christianity. The claim that Christian marriage is made in heaven – and no other marital arrangements are – is in contradiction to basic history; and the person who makes such an identification would do well to study history of other cultures.

As a father, I have everything to gain from family values. I however do not find it necessary. My daughter loves me, and she knows that I love her. I do not need to fall back on an institution to defend my authority.

The parents who do are simply lazy parents. They do not want to do the hard work of building relationships with their children, so they instead want the Church to keep them in line. What we see is flaws masquerading as virtues – in this case, laziness and abusiveness as Christianity or family values. And by being used in this way the family values are profaned.

A good parent does not need to fall back on family values, tradition or Christianity. A good parent loves the child, and the child knows it. Family can be benefited far more by teaching people how to build and maintain relationships with their children. And this will result in families actually blossoming and family actually being what it is hyped out to be.


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