Sunday, September 20, 2015

Making Education Fun

As an experienced tutor, I am writing this based on my own experience of tutoring. The key to successful education is this: Making learning fun.

Many children find school to be boring. It does not have to be this way. It is possible to make learning exciting. Children are naturally curious; and if that is honored they have the chance of learning in an exciting way.

I gave my daughter a following math problem: “If a dragon named Kiwi ate 26 people and a dragon called Smaug ate 31 people, how many people will both dragons eat?” She was given a math problem that is in no way boring. And the result has been her becoming interested in mathematics when she would not otherwise be.

My mathematics teacher, Henry Biddle, who passed away recently after many years of selfless service, used this methodology. He would play Columbo and compare mathematical examination to criminal examination. When I was tutoring a teenager in America, I applied the same methodology. I compared scientific examination to criminal examination and got my student to think about “Who killed Laura Bush?” He is now doing extremely well.

The key to success as an educator is involving the student in it. It is to make education fun. The more this is done, the more successful the educational system, the better off are the students.


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