Monday, June 20, 2016

Feminism and Middle East

When I was working for a Lebanese food place, I had a co-worker from Middle East named Enad. He was a good worker as well as a friendly, kind, outgoing person; but he admitted to being nasty to his girlfriend. I told him that that was a bad idea; that his girlfriend was with him because she liked him, and rewarding someone for liking you by treating her like trash sends a message to the world that you should not be liked.

Enad was not a bad person; he was a good person. However he had wrongful influences from the Middle East. If a good person like Enad behaves in that way, then how much worse must be the behavior of bad people in that region.

The Middle East has many problems; and the worst of them is the treatment of women. There are many women in America who hate men – typically because some jerk did something ugly, like raping them when they were kids. The women in Middle East have more reason to hate men than anyone on the planet; yet most of them do not hate men.

I once went to a dentist appointment, and the dental hygienist was a young lady from Iran. I asked her if she found it therapeutic to inflict pain on men. She said, “Not at all, why would I do that? You are not Hashemi Rafsanjani.” There are women in America who treat men – including men who have goodwill toward women – as if they were Hashemi Rafsanjani or worse. Here was somebody who had lived under real misogyny; and she did not act in that way.

There is a lot to be said for the Middle Eastern women. They are strong, kind and beautiful. They live under some of the most vicious mistreatment that anyone on the planet suffers and still go on doing their job and being responsible. Their men have no appreciation for them and treat them like dirt. These men need their heads screwed on straight. They have with them some of the best women on the planet. They need to appreciate these women, and they need to treat them right.

In American feminist culture, we see malicious women attacking the world's better men. These women likewise need their heads screwed on straight. If they really want to fight “pigs” and misogynists, they would be fighting ISIS. American liberal men may not all be perfect, but they are better than most men out there. And in attacking them instead of the real abusers, they are making life bad for people who have goodwill toward them while doing nothing to fight people who bear them real ill will.

In both cases, goodwill gets rewarded with abuse. And in both cases, the message sent to the world is that goodwill should not be extended to oneself and that one should be treated like trash.

The women who hate men and the men who hate women deserve one another. Everyone else deserves to be free of the both of them. The people who reward good will with ill will should not be extended good will; and incentives must be put into place for both men and women to be good to one another. Good will should be rewarded, and ill will should be punished. And then men and women of goodwill can have good relationships, and others can be inspired toward similar good conduct.


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