Friday, June 17, 2016

The Antichrist and the Skeptics

In 1990s, an American tele-evangelist named Jerry Falwell stated that Antichrist was a Jewish person of foreign extraction, in his 20s, living in the United States.

That does not fit Barack Obama, and that does not fit Ronald Reagan. But it does fit someone else with whom I bear a more than passing acquaintance.

If I knew the Antichrist, I would advise him to simply not do his part. That way, if God still wants to destroy the world, then He will have to find other ways to do that; but more importantly the Christians would have to stop hoping for the end of the world in our lifetime and will have to focus their efforts on fixing the planet and making the world better for their children.

Talking about my spiritual experiences has mostly gotten me attacked. It got me labeled as crazy, but it wouldn't be crazy if it happened to you. Nor, if it happened to you, would it be “anecdotal.” I know what I have experienced, and I know what I have seen.

In no way do I militate against science. Science is a supremely valuable pursuit. I militate against materialistic bigotry that has some people professing scientific worldview claim that there is no such thing as spirituality. There have been any number of scientific studies registering positive results for spiritual reality. And being acquainted with a number of real scientists who have had spiritual experiences, I know for a fact that the “skeptics” do not begin to speak for science.

The leader of the skeptic movement, James Randi, has challenged people claiming possession of spiritual powers to vie for a million-dollar prize if they demonstrate a 1 in a million result for possessing spiritual powers. The problem with this is that not even the most skilful psychics can reliably demonstrate a one in a million result. These kinds of powers are difficult to study. They work according to their own logic, not according to that of the person who studies them. And in many cases these powers have no reason to reveal themselves to the next person; nor do they want to be categorized and controlled.

The people who address such things by such claims as that we must live “on earth” have an inadequate understanding of what living on earth means. The earth is not just the planet's crust. It is also the atmosphere, the water, and the sunlight, all of which are necessary for life on earth. The people with earth values fail to see the value of all these other aspects of living on earth. Spiritual experiences take place on earth as well. And a person possessive of true scientific approach will recognize this and honestly study these aspects of living on earth instead of scoffing at them.

Right now we see two competing fallacies. One is the people with scientific worldview who militate against spiritual experience. The other is people with religious worldview who militate against science. Both are wrong. Science is at the root of just about everything that people have. And spiritual experience happens to people all over the world every day.

Whatever explanation is proposed will have to pass two tests. One is that of scientific fact; the other is that of spiritual experience. The result will be a more complete and more honest worldview; and that has a chance of actually making the world a better place.


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