Friday, June 24, 2016

Liberals and the Military

Some conservatives have been claiming that liberals produce weak men. In fact there are many liberal men who are into martial arts, and there are liberal men in the military.

Response number two: So what? America is not at a shortage of tough men willing to defend it. There are plenty of tough guys in places like Texas and South-Central Los Angeles that the military does not need to bother metrosexuals in San Francisco or New York.

And then of course there are the tomboyish liberal feminist women who aspire toward strength and toughness and are willing to serve in the military as well.

Some conservatives keep making noises about re-instituting the draft. This is a disastrous direction. Draft fills the military with people who aren't suited for military service; who make terrible soldiers and come home from the front traumatized and unable to work.

Probably the best system to this effect is the German system. There, a young person can either serve in the military for 6 months or in peaceful service for a year. That way the military types get to go into the military; and the non-military types contribute what they have to give.

I know enough about myself to know that I would make a terrible soldier. I am however enthusiastically willing to contribute to the United States. I recommend that the American government take a look at the German system. That way, both the military types and the non-military types get to contribute. And the country benefits from the efforts of both.


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