Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Who the Misogynists Really Are

There have been people on the Internet who described me as a misogynist. I want to tell them just how ridiculous that is.

I have known misogynists. The men who think that women are Satan. The men who think that women are stupid or pathetic. The men who think that women should be obedient to men. I believe in no such thing.

If anything, I see women, for the most part, as being better than men. They tend to be kinder, warmer, more compassionate. This does not however extend to women who have destroyed in themselves all the good feminine qualities and have been comporting themselves like the worst of men.

If women want to have equality of rights and powers with men, I support them in that. I do not however support women becoming malicious harpies and attacking, not only men, but also kind and beautiful women. Everything with a capacity of choice is capable of both good and evil. And it is rightful to stand up to wrong that is done by women as much as it is right to stand up to wrong that is done by men.

With equality comes accountability. A man who does wrong gets rightfully criticized for it; and so should the women who do wrong. The women who influence other women to be malicious harpies deserve as much criticism as do the men who influence other men to be misogynistic brutes.

Ultimately, I want to see everyone get along and do the right thing by one another. This is the case both with women and with men. Getting along is a two-way street; and men and women need to work out the relationships with one another in a way that does not involve abuse and family violence. Both men and women are capable of both good and evil. And that requires dealing with both according to what it is.


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