Monday, July 04, 2016

The Task For Contemporary Intellectual

For a long time, the infrastructure of political correctness suppressed people's real thoughts and feelings. As this infrastructure is being challenged from many directions, a lot is coming out. And some of it is butt-ugly.

It is neither possible nor desirable to suppress such sentiments. Rather they need to be met with solid and effective refutation. This is what is supposed to happen in a democracy; and I for one have been putting a lot of mental energy into doing just that.

Just what are these sentiments? One is anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism. These are no longer limited to obvious morons and have attracted some people with brainpower. Which means that it will take more people with brainpower to stand up to refute these abominations.

We have seen Eminem; we have seen Alex Jones and Glen Beck. And now we are seeing Donald Trump wanting to exile Mexicans and Muslims. Political correctness is powerless against these things. Real intelligence however is not.

Political correctness is simply wrong. The West is not the bogeyman. By the standards of liberalism the Muslim world is much worse. A person who simply attacks the West leaves open the door for groups like ISIS. Political correctness is powerless against them. Once again, real intelligence is not.

Now is therefore the time for real intelligence. If you are of an intellectual bent, this is your time. This time demands lots of brainwork to refute destructive ideologies. Whether you are in the academia, or in psychology, or on the Internet, there is work to do. And much will be decided by how well this work is done.


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