Saturday, July 02, 2016

Why Globalization Is In Best Interests of Western Men

There have been any number of Western conservatives attacking globalization as some kind of a liberal attempt at a global tyranny. In fact globalization is both natural and profitable for the very same Western conservatives who attack it the most.

I have seen children play happily across racial and national lines. If little children are wiser than us, then boy do we have a lot to learn. My daughter's first social interaction at age 1 was coming up to a little Malaysian girl and giving her a hug. Pierre LePen, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones: A one-year-old is smarter than you.

The biggest irony is that globalization works very much in the interests of the very same conservative Western men who attack it the most. With globalization, they have the pick of the best of the world. Instead of being limited to the feminism-influenced Western women they loathe, they have the attention of beautiful, cultured, family-oriented women from Russia, Brazil, Iran and India. Which means that these men should stop whining about some kind of a liberal tyranny and see the opportunity that globalization presents them.

Sure, there are some who claim that cultural differences are too much to handle in a relationship and that people should be with people from their own culture. My response to that is that people are not limited to how they were raised, and there is a lot more to the people than the accident of where they come from. There are many people who either do not fit in where they come from or do not like where they come from; and there are many people who prefer it somewhere else. America and Australia have both been built by these people. The women in misogynistic cultures such as Iran would do anything to be with a solvent Western man; and in such a situation both the woman and the man stand to have a better relationship than they would have with the person from home country.

A conservative Western man would have a better relationship with a woman from Russia or Brazil than he would with a feminist Western woman; and a woman from Russia or Brazil would have a better relationship with a conservative Western man than she would with a Russian or Brazilian man.

My advice to these conservative men is: Be a man. Take the opportunity. Make the best of the situation before you and use it to your benefit. Globalization has put before you the pick of the best of the world. Go with a woman from a non-feminist culture, avoid the feminists that you loathe, and create for yourself and someone else a livable life.


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