Monday, August 29, 2016

Besting Conservatives At Their Game

Joan of Arc was an admirable woman. She bested men at their own game of war. Largely as a result of her legacy, French women get more respect than do women just about anywhere else.

This is not the only time in history in which someone bested the other at their own game. After the South was conquered, the South copied the ways of the North while appropriating for itself American patriotism. The South became very powerful and influential in America as a result.

Another such situation has been the computer industry. The conservatives thought for a long time that they owned business. But as they defunded the academia, many liberal-minded people who otherwise would have been scientists went into the private sector and created the computer industry boom of 1990s. Many of these became more successful at business than most conservatives. They bested the conservatives at their own game.

There have been women who bested men at their own games of business and politics. There have been men who bested women at their own game of emotional manipulation. These people have learned from the other side and then used that knowledge to empower themselves and the people with whom they were allied.

The Japanese did not invent the automobile; but they bested the West at producing them. The people in Dubai did not invent the skyscraper; but they bested America at building ones. Similarly we are seeing China, India and Africa copying the Western economic systems and rising to prosperity and influence in the world.

For a long time, conservatives thought that they owned prosperity and said such things as, “America: Love it or leave it.” As more Jewish and liberal people achieved business success, they changed their tune. So now supposedly there is a Satanic New World Order Conspiracy taking over the planet and America is supposedly run by them damn commies and them damn Jews. They had been bested at their own game – the game that they thought they owned. And in defense of which game they had committed completely unjustifiable actions such as gutting America's educational system and defunding its science – to result, once again, in there being greater presence of liberals and Jews in private industry.

These people believe that “money talks, bullshit walks”; then the attack the so-called “limousine liberals.” The “limousine liberals” are in no way hypocritical; instead I see many of them as heroic. These are people with good values who made do in a very hostile climate and achieved economic success. If money talks, then these people should be talking. Whereas it is completely hypocritical to claim to believe in money and financial prosperity while attacking people of a different ideology who have achieved the same.

According to conservatives, if you are liberal and not doing well you are a loser; if you are liberal and doing well you are a hypocrite. They think such things because they believe themselves to be a winner's club that owns winning habits. When somebody else – liberal, Jewish, French, Chinese, Hindu, or anywhere else in the world – likewise becomes a winner, this contradicts their worldview. So then the sky is falling and the world is Satan's and the Jews are in control and them damn commies are taking over the world. This is hypocrisy and foolishness at their worst – hypocrisy and foolishness entirely unbecoming the people who claim to have moral values and real-world intelligence.

There is now adequate liberal, Jewish and foreign presence in business to correct the errors of those conservatives who claim to own business as such. I would also like to see more liberal, black, Jewish and female presence in the military. The liberals are improving the business culture, and they should also improve the military culture. That way, the conservatives will not be able to get away with claiming to own either business or the military and will have to treat people who are unlike themselves with greater respect.

Of course, the more this is done the more the conservatives will decide that America is Satanic. At which point they will no longer be able to claim the platform of American patriotism. In this situation, it will become advisable for liberals to claim American patriotism and espouse it to the same extent as has been done by the South after the Civil War. At which point liberals, not conservatives, will be able to speak for American values. And a mentality that has been once thought vanquished will rise to its rightful place in the world.


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