Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sheep and Wolves: Good Cop and Bad Cop

There have been some people who referred to me as a "wolf in a sheep's clothing." In fact I am not - nor do I pretend to be - either a sheep or a wolf. There are far too many of both, and my interest is in other species.

There are in fact many people who are "wolves in a sheep's clothing." They are called salesmen and players. These people pretend to be nice and to be your friend; but what they want is your money or else they want you for a trophy wife. I have known any number of women who fell for the false fronts of salesmen or players, mistaking them for goodness of character. The results have been disastrous for them and for their children.

From the perspective of everyone else in the world - whether they be Hindus, Asians, Africans, Native Americans, Australian aborigines or the Siberian tribes - the sheep and the wolves work together. The sheep tame the wolves and send them to kill off other species and take their land so that they can go there and multiply. At which point the wolves, sensing that they've been exploited, start tearing up the sheep and think that they are doing their country a favor.

In one case we see soft power; in the other case we see hard power. These two play good cop and bad cop. One wants to convince the other species to adopt the ways of the sheep and the wolves; the other exterminates anyone who does not agree. And then of course the two fight among one another. Both species need one another, yet both have anger at one another as well. I see no reason to pick the side of either party.

I want neither a sheep nor a wolf. I want a gazelle. I like artistic women. These women, being gazelles, are frequently attacked by both the sheep and the wolves. And I of course have been attacked by both.

So I see no reason why people should be limited to being either sheep or wolves. There are many other far more beautiful species. And many of them have been either driven into extinction or forced to adopt the ways of the sheep and the wolves, depriving the world of much beauty and vast wisdom.

Facing world run over by the sheep and the wolves, it is understandable - as well as rightful - to seek alternatives to both. The person who does so preserves vastly more beautiful species and gives them a chance to preserve their legacy. And that enriches the world as a whole and also whatever country which he does this.


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