Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Political Correctness and Donald Trump

I have heard it from many people that Trump is a racist and a misogynist. That may very well be the case; and it also may very well be the case that he is the attention that these people need. Terms such as racist and misogynist have been thrown around at all sorts of people who are neither. Crying wolf discredits oneself when a real wolf appears. So if these people think that someone like myself is a racist or a misogynist, they need to be met with a real one.

My father has a unique view on the subject. He thinks very badly of Muslims and not very well of black people; but he has respect for Mexicans. He says that they are willing to work hard. My uncle on the other hand has a very negative view of Mexicans. He thinks that they have no use for learning and culture and that they are a destructive influence.

I used to believe that women were better than men. My experiences with American feminism-influenced women cured me of that error. I did not replace my stance with misogyny. I replaced it with a rational stance. According to reason, anything human – male or female – is capable of choice and anything capable of choice is capable of being either good or bad.

I have no idea what Donald Trump will do. I would caution him however against expelling the Mexicans. When Idi Amin expelled the Asians who lived in Uganda, they were gone and they remained gone. The present Ugandan government does not militate against Asians. However the Asians have not come back even though they are now in demand.

With Muslims, the solution is finding out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. America has every right to expel people who want to bomb it, and I would not expect Americans to act in any other way. However there are any number of Muslims in America who are contributing citizens and are not terrorists; and I would caution the Trump government from expelling these people.

Maybe the solution is demanding that these people pledge allegiance to the flag. I do not care for one moment whether or not they assimilate; I do however care that they do not go around bombing marketplaces. In my family, some assimilated and some did not. My parents assimilated, and they lived decent and comfortable lives. I did my own thing, and my life has been less comfortable; however my contributions have been greater.

Should immigrants assimilate into America? This would deny America a lot of what it needs. America grows largely through incorporating things from elsewhere. Americans drive Japanese cars, dine at Mexican restaurants, hire Indian programmers, watch movies made by Jews, view spectator sports played by black people. These people do more for America than they would have if they had simply assimilated. There is the room for those who would assimilate, and there is the room for those who would not.

Very little is owed to Muslim thugs who come into the West and rape girls or teach men in disadvantaged communities to be terrible to women. Much however is owed to any number of others. The decision that America will have to make is, Who is the good guys and who is the bad guys. This is not decided on who would assimilate. This is decided on who would make bigger contributions.

Most immigrants are highly patriotic. They have chosen to come from Country A to Country B, and that means that they will be very likely to have high regard for Country B. However they cannot be prevailed upon to deny the good things in the place that they come from themselves. The people who bring cultural wisdom from elsewhere to America enrich America. And America grows – and benefits – as a result.

I am not at all willing to live the Texas way of life. I am however enthusiastically willing to contribute to America; and even though I am now in Australia I am maintaining the willingness to make contributions. I have proven this again and again, even in situations that did not serve my best interest. No, I am not willing to live according to political correctness or anything of that sort. I am however enthusiastically willing to make contributions to the country.

In this situation, me living in Australia is probably the best solution. I can continue to contribute without living according to attitudes that I detest. I may not make a good citizen, but I make a good ally. I will advocate for interests of America and Americans. That is especially the case in places such as Australia, where there are many people who hold Americans in low esteem and usually for wrong reasons.

I have encountered all sorts of negative stereotypes of Americans, and in most cases these reasons were wrong. There are many people who think that Americans are violent, because all they've seen of America are Hollywood movies about gangsters. There are many people who think that Americans are stupid because of the weakness of America's primary education system but do not see other forms of intelligence that Americans have. I have the internal perspective, and I also have the external perspective. The first allows me to understand the experience of the participants. The second allows me to understand how their actions impact upon the rest of the world.

Once again, I have no idea what Trump would do. He is a loose cannon, and his actions are unpredictable. But maybe dealing with someone like that would clear up people's confusion as to who a racist or a misogynist is and who is not. Some people need a better sense of perspective. And it is a sense of perspective that dealing with someone like Trump will provide them.


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