Saturday, February 25, 2017

Australian Manhood and American Feminism

Australia has a reputation for violence toward women. Many men believe such things as “be mean, keep them keen” and that Australian men have “figured out that women are bitches and breed them out of that attitude.”

Do you know how such men come across to me? I'll tell you. As a bunch of ungrateful brats.

They haven't had to deal with American feminists or American feminism-influenced women. Instead they have the attention of women who are kind, generous and hard-working. And all they can think to do in return for their good fortune is to treat such women like dirt.

Australia is of course in no way the only place in the world that has this problem. My home country – Russia – does as well. So, to an even greater extent, do the Middle East and India. However my daughter is here, which obligated me to make sure that she is free of such things.

Some people are under mistaken impression that real men knock women around. I do not see how that at all qualifies as any kind of manliness. It is not hard at all for a man to beat up on a woman. It takes a lot more to love her. If someone who's been as much maligned as I can refrain from being abusive to a woman who is described by any number of people as a bitch, when she is by her own admission at her worst behavior while being with me, then any other man can likewise refrain from being violent or abusive to his wife.

I see misogynistic attitudes all around me, and all I see is a bunch of spoiled brats. Once again, these men have not had to deal with women who are actually bad. They haven't lived in Chicago or in Boston. They haven't had to go to university in America in 1990s. They have no idea what an actual “bitch” is. Instead they get all sorts of things out of their relationships with good women and in return treat their women like dirt.

Probably the reason for the behavior of Australian men is that Australian manhood has been shaped by a bunch of violent criminals. Maybe it's time that Australian men hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct. Maybe it's time that they reject the ways of the violent criminals and cultivate better conduct. Doing so will not make them any less manly. In fact it will supplement their manliness – which very much is in strong supply – and make it a force for good.

The folks who cry wolf are often in sore need of seeing a real wolf. If they think that Australian women are bitches, they need to be met with real ones. Then they will get a better sense of perspective. This will allow them to appreciate what they have in this country. And it just might also influence these men toward better behavior.


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