Sunday, March 26, 2017

Humanity's Dysfunctional Relationship With God

Many people appear to have a dysfunctional relationship with God. When He is not there, they seek Him. When He is there, they can't wait to get rid of Him.

One quotation that I saw on the Internet was, “Our father, who art in Heaven... Stay there.” Then of course there are statements such as that God is dead or that God is a bad guy. God must be torn in different directions. There will be people wanting a piece of Him and there will be people wanting Him out of their lives. It is not likely to be easy to assuage both sides.

I suppose that having God in one's life can be a bit of a chore. He is quite demanding, and for Him nothing less than complete submission to His will would suffice. For this reason we see God all the time expressing displeasure in human beings. My question to God is, Did you know what you created? If you created man in your image – and you are a creator – then man's nature would be to create rather than to obey. And if you are the ruler of the universe – and man has been created in your image – then what would man naturally aspire to be?

So at one point or another one suchlike or another would want to do away with God altogether. Then of course people are left without divine guidance, and someone will always in such conditions try again to look for God. Usually he will be opposed very badly. People would think that he is stupid or that he is crazy or that he is weak. But as the Bible states, “the stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone.” It is up to God to decide whom to choose.

I am against both ignorance and bigotry masquerading as intelligence. The people who think that the logical person should not believe in anything have an inadequate understanding of logic. Logic is a tool, not an ideology. It is a method, not a worldview. There can be any number of perfectly logical arguments constructed in favor of Christianity. As someone who started out as an atheist, only to have all sorts of experiences of the transnatural, I vouch that it is not only possible to be both logical and theistic at the same time, but that it must be possible to be so.

I can say with full certainty that God has been present in my life. I do not care if you think that I'm nuts for saying this; I am used to it. Many people think that people are brainwashed into being Christians. This explains the transmission mechanism but not the source. Anything can be transmitted through generations in all sorts of ways. That does not explain why it is there. I was not raised in a Christian household, so these people's misconceptions do not apply to me.

I was not “brainwashed” into being a Christian. I had spiritual experiences – ones with less than a billionth chance of happening; and not one but many of them. I have the testimony of many others, including successful professors and entrepreneurs and people with very high education. When confronted with things that contradict one's worldview, the logical solution is to adjust the worldview. If instead the reaction is to attempt to deny the validity of the experience, then one is not being logical but rather absolutely dishonest.

So we have some people calling for God and other people wanting to be free from God. How does it become possible to satisfy all of the preceding? Well, I am sure that God can figure it out. He is God. But if I were in similar position, I would have no idea what to do.


Blogger Michael Harkins said...

You have some great thoughts there. One comment though is why would it be God's job to satisfy any of us? By giving us free will, he has left it to us to choice to open ourselves to life and embrace it, or not. That choice is ours. Satisfaction is obtained by letting go of control and obtaining the freedom gained through its loss.

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