Saturday, March 11, 2017

"The Final Secret"

E. E. Cummings said that the final secret is the man; but I believe that the final secret is the woman.

Men are not all that difficult to understand. Many of them are quite boring. Whereas the woman offers a lot more of a challenge, as well as having many qualities worth discovering.

There are many beautiful qualities with which women are more endowed naturally than are men. These qualities include such things as kindness, compassion and beauty. In attacking these qualities in women, the third wave feminists have done a vast disservice to womanhood. They have put women in a race with men in which they can only come second. Meanwhile they have destroyed the places in which the women come first.

One joke with valuable input on the matter is, “God makes Adam and says 'ugh.' Then he makes Eve and says, 'Practice makes perfect.'”

The problem with fixation on equality is that ignores absolutely everything else. Cats are being taught to be dogs and to suppress their feline qualities. For me, a good woman is not only an equal to the next man. She is in many ways his superior. And in their fixation on equality, the feminists have put women in a race in which they can only come second while destroying the place in which women are vastly better than men.

It is certainly rightful for women to seek better treatment in relationships and better social status. It is in no way rightful to claim that good feminine qualities are incompatible with that aim. I used to believe that women were better than men. My interactions with American feminists cured me of that error. I did not replace my stance with that of Eminem or Osama Bin Laden. I replaced it with the rational stance, namely that anything capable of choice can be good or bad. There are matters of nature and there are matters of choice; and both have a vast influence.

Naturally, there are many ways in which women are better than men. But if they become Third Wave feminists, they destroy these good qualities and become inferior to men. At which point the rational stance will be to reject them and support those – both men and women – whom these women stand to injure or to oppress.

If I – someone who's written three books of poetry for three different women – get portrayed as a misogynist, then something is very wrong with people's perceptions. Indeed their whole mentality reveals itself to be a lie. A person who cries wolf becomes not credible when a real wolf appears out of the woods. So now, after a whole bunch of women told a bunch of lies about all sorts of men, the real victims of domestic violence and incest become not credible. This is just one of the many toxic effects that Third Wave feminism has had on the world.

The Third Wave feminism has had a vast effect on my view of the world. It got me to examine my attitudes, which once again used to be universally in favor of women. These people were refutation by counterexample of an irrational worldview that I had. Here were women who were absolute jerks. One cannot credibly go on thinking that women are better than men if one has had dealings with the American Third Wave feminists.

As for the heroic women who have rejected the American Third Wave feminism: You have my admiration and you have my support. You have remained The Final Secret. Remain as good as you are and influence others toward nobler conduct. Make the world a better place by your presence in it. And show to others – both men and women – how good life can be when people act nobly.


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