Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The West's Schizophrenic Relationship With Feelings

The Western civilization appears to have a schizophrenic relationship with feelings. First you are told that feelings are weak or unmanly. Then, when you no longer have feelings as a result of following such instructions, you are accused of being a sociopath.

We see some regarding feelings as an inferior function. We see others claiming that there are some people who have no feelings at all, and that they become all kinds of crooks. The civilization needs to make up its mind on the issue. Are feelings good? Are feelings bad? Or, as I believe, capable of either of the above or a mix?

I see no reason at all why any function would be superior or inferior. Nor do I see any reason at all to believe that any function could be good or bad. Anything human can be good, bad or a mix. It makes no sense to either extol or demonize feelings. They can go in any number of ways.

This conclusion is the case in both creationist and evolutionist models. If we have been created then everything in us is there for a reason. If we have evolved then everything in us has evolved for the benefit of the species. In either case, there is no better or worse function. All are there for a reason.

Of course, if our nature has been corrupted by original sin, then that does not begin to be limited to feelings. If that is the case then everything in people is bad. This is also the case with reason, with status, with economics, and everything else that is human.

In either case we see equality – either in mutual virtue or in mutual sin.

Attacking people for having feelings and then, once they conform to that, attacking them for not having feelings, is not an honest course of action. There will always be beliefs that would cater to this and any number of other forms of wrong. The solution is to see through all such attitudes, recognizing their dishonesty, and then living in situations that are free of such things.


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