Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Better Concept Of Family Values

There are many people who claim to be in favor of family values; but they do not appear to understand what family values means.

Family values means being good to one's family and leaving a better world for one's children than one has found it.

Instead, family values has been used to support incest, domestic violence and tyrannical parenting. This discredits family values; it also discredits family as such. So that what do you expect and that any number of people decide that family as such is the problem. I used to be one of those people; then I had a family of my own and realized how wrong that stance was. What we have here is confusion between a legitimate value that is family and illegitimate misuse of that value to support things such as incest and domestic violence.

The idea of what is family values has been completely misconstrued. Once again, family values does not mean to support wrongful practices within the family. That discredits family values, that also discredits family as such. A true practicioner of family values will do what is right by his children. And that, once again, means treating them right and making sure that the world that they inherit is better rather than worse than he has found it.

So it is about time that wrongful uses of the concept of family values be challenged. It is not about letting men get away with incest and brutality. It is about doing the right thing by one's children. It is about treating your children as human beings rather than as animals. And it is about bequeathing them a vibrant environment, a functioning economic-political system and wholesome social conditions.


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