Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Feminists And Islam

There are many women in the feminist movement who believe that they are strong and independent women. I am sure that some of them are; but that is not what I have seen the most. What I have seen the most is not strength but attitude; and attitude is not the same thing as strength.

I have known any number of women who were genuinely strong. My grandmother was one. She was a Jewish woman who lived through the Second World War while living under Stalin. She did lots of rugged countryside traveling while enduring extremely cold temperatures. She did PhD level work, but was denied a PhD because she was a Jew. She was a very strong person. However she did not have an attitude about it. I can respect that kind of strength a lot more.

If the American feminists are serious about their claim that they are strong and independent women, let them prove it. Let them join the military and fight groups such as ISIS and the Taliban. These men are much bigger pigs than anyone in the West. If you are serious about fighting male pigs, then go fighting real ones. Once again, these men are bigger pigs than anyone in the West.

How do I know this? Because I have dealt with them. I used to work for a Lebanese food place that was run by a lovely Lebanese Christian couple. They had a friend, a young Muslim lady from Algeria who was getting a divorce from a man who did what Algerian men do. Thugs kept coming into the place to intimidate my boss for helping her. Eventually she did get her divorce, but it cost her a huge amount of her father's money. At which point the landlord, who was Muslim, pulled my boss's lease.

If it is this hard for a woman to get away from domestic violence in America, then how much harder would it be for women living in the Middle East.

The CIA did a very wrong thing by distributing Islam as an alternative to Communism. They should have been distributing Christianity instead. I was raised by atheist Jews, and for me to become a Christian was as difficult as it would have been for a Reagan conservative to become a Communist, or for a Christian fundamentalist to become a witch. I do not regret the choice that I have made. I allied myself with the greatest power in the universe. I want other people to make the same choice.

If American feminists are serious about their stated values, then they will be fighting the most militantly misogynistic culture in the world. They will not be fighting “sociopaths” or “narcissists”; they will be fighting men who have ill will to women for real. They will be fighting the most militantly misogynistic culture in the world. At which point they will have earned their right to claim that they are defenders of women's rights for real.

At this point, this is the opposite of what we are seeing. These women keep crying wolf about all sorts of people who are not real abusers while letting real abusers get away with murder – sometimes literally murder. This discredits feminism, and this discredits liberalism. They make mountains out of molehills for all sorts of things that are not actual abuse, while letting real abusers get away with doing genuinely terrible things.

I seek to call all these people on their hypocrisy. Very few men in the West are anywhere nearly as bad to their women as are ISIS or Taliban. If you are genuinely serious about protecting women's rights, then it is the people like ISIS and Taliban that you will be fighting the most. And if you are failing to do that, then you cannot claim to be supporters of women's rights.

Now there are many people who see antipathy toward groups such as ISIS to be bigots; but I am not a bigot at all. I have read the Quran. It is a very powerful piece of writing, and I can see how so many people have followed it. Most of the Quran talks about how great heaven is and how terrible hell is. Then there is the little bit promising boys in heaven. My response to that is as follows. I do not want boys in heaven, nor do I want to know anybody who does.

It is time that Western feminists be called on their hypocrisy. If you actually believe in women's rights, then you will not be abetting the most militantly misogynistic culture in the world. If you really think that you are strong and independent women, then join the military and fight the world's most militantly misogynistic culture. And if you are not willing to do that, then don't go on about how some men in the West are misogynistic pigs.

Now I've had any number of Western feminist describe me as a misogynist; and they do not know what they are talking about. I have dealt with misogynists. They all say that I am a male feminist or a pussywhipped idiot. Very few of these women have done anything to fight such men. Instead they attack men nearest the liberal centers of learning and culture who are the least misogynistic men out there, while having neither the guts nor the power to confront real abusers.

So do you think that you are strong and independent women? Prove it. Go on the front lines and fight real pigs. Go fight ISIS. Go fight the Taliban. Do not go around attacking men who have goodwill toward women just because they disagree with the wrongful aspects in your ideology.

If women in the West actually do this, they may actually be doing some good. Imagine how humiliated would be these bastards if they get shot or knifed to death by a girl. You think that you are a strong and independent woman? Once again, prove it. Go fight real pigs such as the ISIS and the Taliban. And if you are not willing to do these things, then do have the good taste and shut up.


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