Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Redefining France

A European statesman has stated that he is tired of France's bullying in the European Union. This leads me to a larger subject.

Bullying can be done in the name of just about anything. One can be a bully for money. One can be a bully for strength. One can be a bully for patriotism. One can be a bully for God. One can be a bully for feminism or political correctness. And one can also be a bully for advanced consciousness, which is what I presume is happening in this case.

The solution in this case is to call their bluff. If they really did have an advanced consciousness, they would not be engaging in bullying behavior. I have seen a similar attitude among women who claim to be spiritual. They attack women who are prettier than themselves. In such a situation the correct response is likewise to call their bluff. Spirituality may not discriminate for physical beauty, but it most certainly does not discriminate against it. A woman who tells a young man that his girlfriend is “an Asian piece of ass,” or a woman who tells someone that he won't know beauty if it bit him on the ass, has no business claiming to be spiritual.

Bullying behavior in the name of such things as advanced consciousness and spirituality discredit advanced consciousness and spirituality. Similarly bullying in the name of reason or logic discredits reason and logic. A man who decides that women are an inferior form of life because they have feelings does not come from a rational standpoint. He comes from an ignorant standpoint. Similarly the women who attack beautiful women in the name of spirituality do not come from a spiritual standpoint either. They come from the standpoint of nastiness.

With France, we see the exact same thing. Their behavior refutes their claims. If they really did have an advanced consciousness, then they would not be acting like bullies.

I believe that France needs to re-invent itself. What it is now is not working. At this point in history many people hate the French. The French have been able to create beautiful and workable covenants in the past. They should be able to do so now.

Americans of course re-invent themselves all the time. This has been one of the major reasons for America's lasting greatness. Someone would have a good idea; it would work for a while; then problems would build up, and someone else would come in with a different idea and take matters into a completely different direction. The French should be able to do the same thing. I expect France to continue existing for a long time; the question is in what form.

They are right about valuing culture, and they are right about valuing education and science. The French women have a good reputation all around the world. They need however to redefine French manhood. French men have a reputation as wimps and hypocrites, and that does not do the French a bit of good. They also need to redefine how they relate to other people. If they come across as arrogant and unfriendly, then people around the world will not like them. They need to do more to understand other ways of life, and they need to do more to act in a more friendly and less arrogant manner.

I know for a fact that these kinds of transformations are possible. I have seen them all the time. The Jews used to have a reputation as being cowards, then they created one of the world's most effective militaries. The Germans used to have a reputation as being jerks, then they became some of the world's best citizens. The French need to fix their weakness problem, and they need to fix their unfriendliness and arrogance problem. They also need to stop acting like bullies and act instead in a way that truly reflects a more enlightened consciousness.

I bear the French people no ill will. I want to see France improve in the same way as I want to see the rest of the world improve. These are the main things that the French need to work on. Become more friendly and more personable to the rest of the world. Become stronger. And act in a manner that is consistent with the values you claim to possess.

Once that is done, France will again become a great country. And the right things in the French culture will have more currency in the world.


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