Thursday, April 02, 2015

Cinderella and Feminism

The story of Cinderella is that of a woman being rescued, by marriage to a man, from bondage to a mean-spirited matriarch. Of course there are many situations in which a woman's marital situation to a man is of such a character that she either needs someone to rescue her from it or has to do so herself.

Both men and women are capable of wrongdoing, and that is the case with both male authority and female authority. As feminism continues to grow, there are going to be more matriarchial women, and not all of them are going to be good people. It will be necessary to learn how to deal with them in the same way as it is necessary to learn how to deal with patriarchial men, who also will continue to exist, feminism or no feminism.

In both patriarchial and matriarchial situations, there are liable to be abuses. This means that the potential for these abuses must be checked – through people having other options than staying where they are. The best outcome of this social change is that people will be able to choose whom they deal with. People more comfortable with male authority will choose male authority, and people more comfortable with female authority will choose female authority. And those at the receiving end of abuse or oppression by either will have options besides putting up with it.

Feminism will not turn everyone into good people; but at least it will give people more choice. There will be more matriarchial situations for those who want such a thing, and there will continue to be patriarchial situations for those who prefer male authority. Yes, some of these matriarchs are going to be jerks. Same with the patriarchial men. But with a meaningful choice, there will be more meaningful freedom; and people will choose the order under which they will choose to live.


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