Thursday, April 30, 2015

Islam and Liberalism

The people who are against Islam in the West are frequently portrayed as bigots. A bigot is someone who judges something that he knows nothing about; and I am sure that many of these people really are just that: bigots. That description does not extend however to people who are against Islam knowingly.

I am against Islam; but I am not a bigot. I've read the Quran, and I've known any number of women who were married to Muslim men. And what I have seen is far from pretty.

Quran actually promises (Sura 76:19) boys in paradise. Mohammad himself was a pedophile who had sex with a 9-year-old girl when he was 84. And Islam was spread through extremely forcible means, including killing 150 million people during its expansion in Middle East and India.

Among the women I've known who had been married to Muslim men, very few had anything but horror stories to tell. There was a woman who had her elbow permanently dislocated. There was a woman who was being brutally beaten, whose Muslim husband said in court: “She is my wife, I can beat her whenever I want to.”

When I was working for a food place ran by a Lebanese Christian couple, they had a friend, a young Muslim woman from Algeria who was trying to get a divorce from her violent Algerian husband. Thugs kept coming in to intimidate my boss for helping her. She eventually got a divorce, but it cost her $60,000 of her father's money. At the end of which the landlord, who was Muslim, pulled my boss's lease.

Why do so many people who are into feminism support Islam, the most militantly misogynistic ideology on the planet? Probably because they aren't thinking straight. The authoritarian Western Christian man against whom they militate is mild compared to these people. They are so blinded by their single-minded focus against one form of wrong that they fail to see greater forms of wrong.

A person who actually believes in women's rights will be against ideologies that treat women as property; and that is especially the case with Islam. Evil is not limited to Christians or to the Western civilization. Islam is worse than Christianity by the standards of feminism or human rights. And Western liberals should be fighting Islamic jihadism with similar or greater intensity than they are fighting the Christian Right.


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