Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Players and Oppression

For a long time on Google Groups, there was a poster named Gordon Roy Parker who claimed that women are evil and that men should play them. This is a disastrous advice.

A relationship that starts with fakery can only remain fake. Eventually either the woman or the children will realize the fakery all around them. If the woman realizes that she has been conned, she will leave, or at least try to leave. If the children realize the fakery, they will rebel.

To prevent the latter from happening is hired an army of priests and psychiatrists. Whenever the former happens, the woman gets attacked from the moral brigade. This brigade is totally in the wrong. Morals exclude conmanship and deception; and for people claiming morality to support players and conmen is an outrage.

A person actually possessive of principle will look at what is formative to the relationship. If the relationship starts with deception, then he will confront instead of supporting the deceiver. If a man wooes with roses and keeps with fists – or if the man plays the woman, as Mr. Parker advises us to do – then the man actually possessive of principle will confront this situation. At this point the participants will then have a choice as to whether to end the relationship or whether to start anew based on truthful things rather than false things.

Growing up in a player situation is very destructive to children. Either they themselves adopt insincerity as way of life, or they become either traumatized or rebellious. A lie is made the authority over their lives and over their minds. They have two choices, neither of them desirable. One is to identify with the lie. The other is to cling to what they see and what they know and be bullied or demonized.

Unfortunately the thinking such as that of Mr. Parker is quite common around the world; and fighting this kind of thing is not for the weak-minded. It is however necessary. The man who plays the woman creates life-long snares built on fabrication and conmanship.

The people in a free country – indeed people everywhere – deserve better.


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