Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On Obesity

The issue which I am approaching here is a sticky one, as it has people passionately invested on both sides. The issue is that of obesity. It occurs to me that there is more than one consideration here.

One is that obesity is unhealthy and generally undesirable and should not be encouraged in society. The other is that there are – and I've known – many obese people who are beautiful human beings, and they should be seen and respected for what they are inside.

At the nursing home where I am doing my training, most workers are women. Some of them are attractive and some of them are overweight, in some cases seriously overweight; but they all without exception are wonderful people. They are kind, caring, compassionate, generous and good at what they do.

When I was writing on the Internet that obesity was undesirable, I was described as heartless and soulless. I don't think there is anyone in their right mind who would refer to me now as heartless and soulless. The problem is as follows. I have known – and loved – several women who were beautiful physically and had good hearts, who got maliciously attacked by women who were both mean and fat. Because I loved them, their concerns became my concerns. And because I loved them, their enemies became my enemies.

There are many unattractive women who maliciously abuse the attractive women, even to the point of claiming that attractive women cannot be good human beings. Any number of women I've loved are proof to the contrary. Really, I do not see why there is going to be a correlation between looks and personal goodness at all. Some women will be physically attractive and good human beings; some women will be physically attractive and bad human beings; some women will be physically unattractive and good human beings; and some women will be physically unattractive and bad human beings.

The monstrosity we have seen, in case of political correctness, is women who are unattractive and bad human beings claiming to speak for all women and bullying their betters out of both their beauty and personal goodness. I think I am far from the only person who says that these women do not deserve to speak for one half of humankind or to carry the banner of progressive element in society. Groups in society should be represented by their best, not their worst, elements; and this is most certainly the case for women.

Both attractive women and unattractive women are capable of being good people. The unattractive women should not be seen only for their appearance; but neither should the beautiful women be portrayed as incapable of having good personal qualities. People should be seen for the totality of what they are. And this will result in reward for both outer and inner beauty, encouraging people to develop both.


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