Sunday, April 05, 2015

Jocks and Nerds: Who's More Exciting?

A lot of younger people see the bookish or the “nerdy” type of people as boring, and the jock type as exciting; but over the long term the opposite is true. As people gain more knowledge, their minds become filled with all sorts of observations and information that makes them exciting to talk to; whereas the people who do not do the same amount of exploration do not have as much information and observation, making them much less interesting company.

Many young girls see the jocks as exciting; but many of these jocks believe that manhood means dominating the woman and making her a pregnant-and-barefoot punching bag. Pretty soon they become not only boring but also violent and oppressive. Whereas a nerd is a lot more likely to believe in women's rights and to give his woman a much greater measure of freedom and respect.

I was a nerd in school, and I've lived an exciting life. A fellow nerd, to whom I will refer by his initials JP, has posted pictures on Facebook of him dancing with beautiful skimpily clad women at a ball. Whereas any number of former jocks have lived much more predictable, straight-laced lives.

Often people's natural attractions are counterproductive. They see as exciting the people who ultimately become boring, and they see as boring the people who ultimately become exciting. As they get older and more experienced, their attractions tend to become more informed. However there are also any number of situations in which they do not improve and lead them instead into all sorts of nasty situations.

What determines people's attractions? Well it can be any number of things. However this tendency to see the bookish types as boring and the jock types as exciting is obviously wrong-headed. The more knowledge people have, the more they become interesting company. And that makes them more, not less, exciting than the people who do not pursue knowledge.


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