Sunday, May 31, 2015

Forgiveness in Relationships

I've known any number of men whose women left them or had sex outside of marriage, who have been left embittered – and frequently misogynistic – by the experience. My response to these men is, How about trying some forgiveness.

The same people play the moral card and claim that the women are evil. Most of them did not have moral considerations when they were wooing the woman. They thought that the woman was hot. And for them to claim to have morality is inconsistent with the reality of their own behavior.

As any student of Christianity knows, forgiveness is central to Christian experience. This is likewise the case with situations in which the woman leaves the man. My wife left me; but I am not persecuting her or trying to keep her away from my daughter. Instead we enjoy a friendly relationship where both parties are respectful toward one another.

It is this that should be the direction in which are taken relationships. A truly ethical person will also be a forgiving person. There are many worse things that people can do than leave their partners; and that is especially the case in the situation in which the man wooes with roses and keeps with fists.

The people who play the moral card must be made aware of the reality of their own behavior. Most of these people are not driven by righteousness at all. They are driven by greed and hatred.

And it is outrageous that these people claim that they have morals and that the rest of us do not.


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