Saturday, June 20, 2015

Christianity and Clairvoyance

I will address the -opposition within Christianity to much of what else is out there.

I do not see for one moment why God would have anything against yoga, Tai Chi or Zen. Not only are these practices totally harmless, but they help build compassion and mental discipline. Since Christianity demands both compassion and mental disciplines, these practices can help Christians to become better Christians.

I can certainly see why God would condemn behavior such as laying curses on people or manifesting ugliness in people's lives. If you are doing this, consciously or unconsciously, I would recommend that you stop. Other people may not know what you are doing; but God does.

I see no reason why God would be against holistic medicine, Reiki or faith healing. Jesus healed people; Reiki was invented by an in-good-faith Christian priest; and there are many Christian ministers who practice faith healing and laying on of hands. Techniques such as acupuncture and herbal medicine were developed by smart people who approached this subjects before the advent of modern medicine, and there is much of merit in knowing what these people have learned. Satan had nothing to do with this knowledge; human intelligence did.

With clairvoyance, there is more of a gray zone. One one hand people continue to be born with these kinds of abilities, both inside Christianity and outside of Christianity; and I've known any number of devout Christians who had these abilities even though the only spiritual practice they maintained was Christian prayer. One is certainly not made evil by being born with an ability; and some of these people make the best Christians, whose insight and knowledge allows them to see what others do not. The gray zone part is that clairvoyance can be used for wrong, and there are many people who would not appreciate their minds being read without their choice in the matter. That does not damn clairvolyance. That simply means that there need to be rigorous ethical standards as to how clairvoyance is to be practiced; and of course there are.

Astrology, like psychology, is simply a form of knowledge. All knowledge can be used for both good and evil purposes; and with astrology, it's what you are using it for that matters. You can use it to help people gain insight into themselves, in which case you are doing a good thing. Or you can use it to control and manipulate other people, in which case you are not doing such a good thing.

The same is the case with Tarot.

Altogether, most of this knowledge is not anywhere close to being evil. Christianity itself benefits from the attention of all sorts of people with paranormal abilities who have converted to Christianity and used their powers in its service. These people contribute the most, as what they have is much more than faith: It is knowledge. And Christianity should stop militating against these disciplines and see them for what they are.


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