Friday, June 19, 2015

Adam and Pluto

The most common interpretation of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil story in the Bible is that Adam disobeyed God and by doing so brought sin into the world.

He may have brought sin into the world; he however also brought in a lot more.

Without the knowledge of good and evil, there is no knowledge of sin; but neither is there the knowledge of righteousness. Man is an animal, fully a part of the original plan, innocent, but clueless. With the knowledge of good and evil, there is sin, but there is also righteousness. Man loses his innocence and gains his humanity.

What he gains, truly, is this: Informed choice. And that elevates him out of being a passive recepient of the glory of God to a co-creative participant, aware of his actions, knowledgeable of the consequences, and thus able to act knowingly in a righteous manner.

Choice, then, becomes the core of man's humanity and also of his liberty. Innocence is lost; humanity is gained. Man is no longer an animal; man is man. God has lost a pet and has gained a junior partner.

In astrology, there is the principle of Pluto. Now many may see astrology as nonsense; but bear with me. Pluto is the principle of higher choice and higher will. Especially it concerns choice as to what to be oneself; and it governs insight and self-awareness. The manifestations of Pluto are frequently injurious and include such things as incest and genocide. It is the most misunderstood principle in the Zodiac; and, because many of its manifestations are so injurious, many people polarize against Pluto altogether and equate it with evil. This, in many cases, leads them to act in evil manner themselves; which we see with witch burnings, prostitute killings, overprotective mothers, insanely jealous husbands, and prosecutions of personality disorders. They polarize against Pluto and start acting Plutonian themselves. Pluto finds way to exist – through them – as they polarize against it.

With Pluto, innocence is destroyed; choice and volitional consciousness are gained. The primal order is violated, bringing choice into existence. With choice is also gained freedom and discretion over what to be. Frequently Pluto transits are extremely injurious and result in feeling polluted or contaminated – in loss of innocence. The upside is that what can be gained from these experiences is this: Choice and liberty. And that, ultimately, is a great gift: Gift that may be very injurious to acquire, but that once gained give one both strength and freedom.

What it creates is a fully human being who has complete discretion over what he is and what he will do.

This is not however the end of the road. A mature Pluto realizes that it revolves around the Sun; and this leads it to look toward the original Creator. Once this is done, harmony is restored, with God again in control and man as a conscious co-creative participant in the cosmic process.

The man becomes all of man; the God becomes all of God; and the two work together.


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