Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Guns and Right-Wingers

This stance may not make me popular with many of my liberal friends, but I will say this anyway. I am in favor of people owning guns. The reason is that if you live in the country, where the nearest police station is 100 miles away – or if you live in the ghetto, where everyone else has a gun – you better have a gun to be able to defend yourself and your family.

The problem I have with many advocates of guns is that their arguments are completely bogus. There are some people who really believe that guns will protect them from the government. This is ridiculous. The American government has at its disposal the most powerful weapons in the history of humanity; and in order to challenge it the citizen would need much more than guns. He will need to have nukes.

The argument for a “well-regulated militia” made sense at the time because military technology was limited to guns. Now, we have weapons of mass destruction, and guns won't protect people from that. For people to protect themselves from government tyranny should that come about, they will need much more than guns. And I don't see the Congress – whether it be run by Democrats or Republicans – allowing private citizens to hold nuclear weapons.

In 1990s there was a large movement called the survivalists. These people expected the civilization to collapse, so they went out into the country and built bunkers or stuffed their houses with guns and produce. Of course the civilization did not collapse, and many of these people wound up in the position of embarrassment.

Right now we are seeing the same audience listening to New World Order conspiracy theories. We have to give right-wingers one thing: They know how to lie. Some of them are claiming global warming to be a Communist hoax; others are claiming that UN seeks a one-world socialist government; some others still are going on comparing Obama to Hitler. Their motto appears to be one and single. Lie, Lie and Lie Some More.

Do people who lie so much really represent American values? Do they deserve to speak for the greatest country in the history of the world? Or are these people conmen and parasites who exploit the weakness of American primary education system to feed people a load of destructive fictions and substitute paranoia for knowledge?

As for guns, once again, I'm in favor of them. But don't go around claiming that running around in the woods shooting trees would make you look like anything other than an idiot. Such movements are an embarrassment to America, and they make Americans look like morons in the eyes of the world. And that is not a patriotic thing to do.


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