Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Love a Ghost

In memory of MLR

Some love the ones who are near them,
Others whom they have lost;
But as for my opinion,
I love a ghost.

Her life was hard and painful,
Her life was tempest-tossed,
Maybe she is much happier
Since she became a ghost,

On my love there are no limits,
To my love there is no cost,
No years or hours or minutes -
I love this ghost,

If gates of heaven are open
Or if they are closed
Or if she reincarnates
I love this ghost,

Like butterfly and a flower,
Like parasite and a host,
We are eternally bound -
Me and this ghost -

Of what are you most proud?
Of what can you most boast?
I care for such things nothing:
I love a ghost.

These are the words I'm heeding
Whenever I sorrow most:
Love whom you love; as for me -
I love a ghost.


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