Thursday, July 09, 2015

Israel and Hypocrisy

Many people are hateful to Israel for having taken the land that is Israel from its previous inhabitants. They fail to realize one thing: These people had also taken that land from its previous inhabitants and forcibly converted its inhabitants to Islam. Israel is not attempting to convert the Palestinians to Judaism and is perfectly willing to let them practice their religion for as long as it doesn't tell them to bomb Israeli markets.

Most criticism of Israel is completely hypocritical. Who is more of a thug: An Israeli or a member of ISIS? The same people who claim to be in favor of feminism are attacking Israel while giving green light to the most misogynistic ideology on the planet – jihadist Islam. What they don't understand is that the jihadists want to kill or enslave them. The Israeli do not.

Most criticism of Israel that does not come from jihadists comes from Europe. In some ways, the Jews and the Europeans traded places since the Second World War. Jews went from being pacifistic to being nationalistic; and Europeans went from being nationalistic to being pacifistic. What we see in both cases is a lesson learned too well. The Jews learned that they were not safe in the world and needed their own country; and the Europeans learned that war and nationalism are evil. At its worst, Israel has been overly reliant on the military and not done enough by way of diplomacy. At their worst, the Europeans have been cowardly and failed to confront destructive regimes.

I am not in support of the jingoistic policies of Benyamin Netanyahu. I had admiration for Yitzhak Rabin, and I hope that someone with similar strength and wisdom will arrive on Israeli political scene and in this case maintain adequate security to keep idiots from shooting him. I cannot tell the Israelis how to live their lives; I can however confront wrongful beliefs about them. And the compassionate and intelligent perspective will look at history and find out why the Israelis are acting the way that they do.

Having endured some of the worst atrocities ever committed, the Jews are right to want their own country. They are also right to protect themselves from people who hate them and teach their children to hate them since the earliest age. The land that is Israel was forcibly taken by Muslims long before it became Israel. And the person who is against conquest of other countries will recognize that and stop prosecuting Israel for the sins that everyone else, from Europeans to Americans to Muslims, have committed in their history.


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