Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Clinton and Eminem

When Eminem was confronted about the misogyny in his songs, he said, “The president gets his cock sucked and I have to care what I write?”

My response to that is that America is not North Korea. The president is not the only person in America who wields influence; there are many other people in America who wield influence, and that unfortunately includes Eminem. Which means that Eminem, like others, need to be held accountable for the wrongful influence that they wield.

What happened with Monica Lewinski was between Bill Clinton and his wife. It is nobody else's business. Unlike Eminem, Bill Clinton never beat his wife or wrote songs about shoving her in the trunk of a car.

Really, who is a worse husband: Bill Clinton or Eminem? With Clinton, his wife has become the most powerful woman in the world. Whereas Eminem was brutal to women in his life and motivated many other young men to be brutal to their women as well.

So, yes, Eminem does have to be made accountable for the wrongs that he has done. And these wrongs are far greater than being fellated by an intern.


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