Sunday, August 23, 2015

Errors of Christian Right

Am I the only person who thinks that Christian Right is completely ridiculous?

Nowhere in the Bible is there support for the American system. The Hebrews did not have democracy; they had kings.

Nor did the Bible have a positive view of capitalism, with Jesus calling money-changers thieves.

Nor did most people in the Bible practice “traditional family values.” Most were either single or slept with any number of women.

Why did a dogma as obviously flawed as the Christian Right become as big as it did? Probably for the same reason that did Communism – another dogma full of obvious errors. People fall for all sorts of foolishness.

For the bulk of its history, Christianity did not support democracy, and it did not support property rights. It supported the divine right of kings. And the people who fought for democracy and property rights were attacked by the Christianity of the time.

The people who wear the cross and the flag at the same time are simply not thinking. America is not based on Christianity; it is based on 18th century Enlightenment philosophy, which once again was strongly attacked by Christianity of the time. It was Thomas Jefferson who said about these people, “I have sworn upon the altar of God my eternal hostility against all forms of oppression over the mind of man.” These same people invoke Thomas Jefferson and America's other founders while militating against everything for which they have worked.

I have a high view of Jesus and any number of other Biblical figures; I do not however have a high view of hypocrisy, and that is what we see here. Christian Right simply does not make sense. More people should be out there exposing these obvious errors, resulting in scrutiny over an ideology that thinks that it owns America even as it militates against the best qualities of this great country.


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