Saturday, August 22, 2015

Defeating Isamofascism

As Islamofascism continues to spread, it becomes incumbent upon the rest of us to fight it. I have some suggestions as to how this can be done with greater effect.

First: Win the numbers war. The Taliban's advantage is that there are one and a half billion Muslims, which means that they will never be at a shortage of willing recruits. Whereas the population of America and Europe is much smaller. My suggestion for winning the number game is involving places with large populations – such as China and India – in the fight against Islamofascists. Recently China had a bombing from Islamofacists; and India has a long and hostile relationship with the Muslims. Getting the Chinese and the Indians involved will tip the numbers balance against the Islamists. Both of these countries have population comparable to the Muslim; and once they realize that the Islamofascists want them as much as they want Americans and Israelis, they will be willing to help out.

Second: Win the propaganda war. One large reason for America's victory in the Cold War was its Voice of America broadcasts into the Soviet Union, where they were able to reach regular Soviet citizens and give them America's side of the story. America needs to do more to change the minds of the people in Middle East and other places where Islamofascists have influence. The more is done to explain to these people what America actually is about – and the more is done to explain to these people what the Islamofascists mean for them – the more these people will be able to resist the Islamofascists and stand strong against their propaganda.

Third: Win the money war. This is a place at which the West is at an absolute advantage; and it should be able to use its financial superiority to stand up to the Islamofascists. Governments – and businesses – should be prevailed upon to reject Islamofascism, with those who accept it having sanctions imposed upon them.

The military war, for its part, should not be just America's burden. The Islamofascists focus most of their rhetoric on America and Israel; but really they want the world. This means that other parts of the world should be just as involved in fighting them as are Americans. It is not fair to America to do the bulk of the fighting against Islamofascists. Europe, China, India, Africa and Latin America should as well.

An ideology that wants the world is a danger to everyone; and that is the case with Islamofascism. Fortunately there are things that can be done to stop its spread. Win the numbers war; win the propaganda war; win the money war; and get the rest of the world involved in the military effort. The result will be a strong global resistance to Islamofascism, cutting across all borders and across all societies to defeat this menace.


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