Thursday, December 24, 2015

Discrimination Against Beauty

There are people who see beauty - or love of beauty - as being incompatible with spirituality or intelligence. Quite simply, these people have not seen enough good art. True art - Michelangelo, Gaughin, Renoir, any number of others - is both beautiful and spiritual. And Russian women are both beautiful and intelligent.

What we see in these cases is this: Discrimination against beauty. What is very much a positive is treated as a negative, and men of goodwill, in the name either of feminism or of spirituality, are steered away from the beautiful women, leaving them nowhere to go to except jerks. In this both feminism and spirituality are profaned. Neither is meant to militate against beauty. The first is meant to empower women, and the second is meant to impart wisdom. In neither case is discrimination against beauty a part of the intended outcome.

Discrimination against beauty is just as wrong as discrimination based on race. One can be beautiful and spiritual, or beautiful and intelligent, or all of the preceding, at once. All of the above are virtues and should be cultivated in people, resulting in people being in every way the best that they can be.

One does not have to be homely in order to be spiritual or intelligent. The women I've loved were all beautiful and spiritual at once. In the country I come from, women are both smart and beautiful; so I am not vulnerable to brainwashing that teaches people in America that attractive women are stupid and that only unattractive women can be smart.

If the argument is that an unattractive person can be smart or spiritual, then that is correct. If the argument is that an attractive person cannot be smart or spiritual, then that is completely bogus. Spirituality is not meant to discriminate period; and that means, not discriminate against beauty as much as it means not discriminating on race.

So whenever we see someone attack beauty or love of beauty in the name of spirituality, we know that we are seeing someone abusing their spirituality. And whenever we see someone claiming that beautiful women cannot be smart, we know that we are seeing someone speaking from the position of ignorance. Beautiful women can be just as spiritual and intelligent as the unattractive women. And a person truly possessing of spirituality or intelligence will recognize that and act accordingly.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Businessman and the Artist

Business vitalizes humanity's productive potential, and art vitalizes humanity's creative potential. When the two work together, as they did in 1920s, the result is a legacy of embodied beauty.

One of the biggest problems facing the world today is separation, indeed hostility, between the businessman and the artist. Many artists are of socialist persuasion and are against business, and many businesspeople see art as useless or impractical. The result, logically, is business putting into place the architecture and technology that lack artistic genius in their design, and artists having no resources to fund their work.

I see no reason why America, with 300 million people and average income of $40,000 a year, cannot have 300 works comparable to Sistine Chapel which was produced in Renaissance Italy, with 3 million people and an average income of $1,500 a year. Nor do I see why America cannot have any number of Renoirs or Tchaikovsky's. People today are as talented as they've ever been; and that is especially the case in America that has seen immigration from the most keen-minded people anywhere.

I want to see the businessman and the artist mend bridges and work together. I am not looking back to 1960s but to 1920s. This time produced exceptional economic growth; it also produced beautiful architecture and technology that remains the world's most beautiful architecture and technology to this day.

Ultimately, the creative and the productive are both claims on life. They are a way to bring into the world something that has not previously existed, that enriches the civilization and that enriches the world. This is as much the case with a painting as it is the case with a car. In both cases, life is enriched; and in both cases something comes into the world that had not been there previously.

The businessman and the artist therefore have something very vital in common. They are both creators. They are both producers. They both add to life. They should be allies, not enemies.

The result will be the productive and the creative working together to create a legacy of embodied beauty that will make the world proud for generations to come.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mexican Immigration and Voter Empowerment

Earlier on today I was thinking about illegal immigration, then I read from the Bible and got this:

Deuteronomy 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. 19 And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.

You may or may not believe in synchronicity; however this issue has not been approached from a Christian perspective. Many of the people claiming Christian perspective have been wanting the Mexicans deported. The people who are in any way against that have been portrayed as liberals, which I am sure some of them are. However the anti-immigration people do not own Christianity, nor should they be allowed to claim to own Christianity.

The issue, is always, is solved by looking at its core. Why are there illegal Mexicans in America? They were welcome in 1980s and 1990s because the economy was booming, and they were taking jobs that American citizens would not take. The economy did less well later, and they became less welcome.

I raise this concern to people who want them deported. What will happen when they are again wanted? Will they be willing to return if they get unceremoniously deported and treated like cattle while they are?

I would put this matter up for a referendum. Let American voters decide what to do with the Mexican illegals. That way nobody will be able to complain, either that "liberal New World Order elites" are flooding the country with foreign illegal migrants or that the conservative business elites are ripping off the American worker without giving the worker a say in the process.

The result will be people feeling empowered, fewer conspiracy theories going around, and American people feeling that their country belongs to them and that their thoughts matter in the running of their country.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Humility: the Hypocrite's Holy Grail

Humility is the hypocrite's holy grail. Everyone talks about it; nobody practices it. And many of those who are most loud about it are the most arrogant ones in the bunch.

In the name of supporting humility, or in the name of fighting arrogance, are committed some of the worst atrocities on the planet. The worst abuses are done toward young women in the name of fighting "vanity." The innocent pride of life is confronted with hideous, overbearing, ensnaring arrogance of those arrogant enough to see themselves as the enforcers of the will of the collective. We see this as much with Soviet collective as we do with the Muslim society, the American country community or the Australian small town.

What is instilled is not real humility; it is self-abuse. The person does not actually becomes humble; the person becomes broken. What is inflicted upon the world is not humble people but broken people who frequently become destructive. Humility is not achieved at any stage in the process. What is achieved is personal fragmentation and self-abuse.

I have only known one credible teacher of humility. His name was Lama Choedak Rinpoche. He went to the effort of reaching out to the people in his audiences and approach them in a way that made sense to them. He didn't talk down, despite beingone of the world's most highly acclaimed Buddhist teachers, nor did he attack. He explained in a way that made sense.

It may be possible for more people to apply Lama Choedak Rinpoche's techniques, and that will make humility a less hypocritical concept. And that would actually achieve the positives that people who are against "arrogance" want to achieve without themselves acting from a position of greater arrogance.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Personality Disorders and True Atrocity

I was once writing on the Internet about mythological character Narcissus, and someone asked me, "What's the difference between Narcissus and Hitler?" My response was, "One killed 50 million people, the other did not."

In recent years it has been fashionable to ascribe atrocity to personality disorders. History proves these people wrong. More people were killed by normal Islamic expansionists and normal European imperialists than by Hitler and Stalin combined. I agree that both Hitler and Stalin were evil; but neither begins to own atrocity.

Most "sociopaths" and most "narcissists" never commit a serious crime in their lives. It is wrong that they be equated with Hitler and Stalin. Imagine what kind of hell it would be to go through life an alien in your species, completely different from people around you and attacked however hard you worked, whatever work you did on yourself and whatever work you've done for others.

The "sociopaths" and "narcissists" get frequently accused of cruelty; but we are finding a greater cruelty here. These people are portrayed as wrongly made; and whatever they do they continue being portrayed as wrongly made. Not even Hitler could have come up with a greater racket.

In focusing on one kind of evil, was ignored much greater evil. Not only that, but greater evil is being created in its own right. Some people are targeted for extermination through no fault of their own. The result is a witch hunt; and all sorts of innocent people get maliciously attacked.

If people are responsible for who they are, then anyone, including a "narcissist" or a "sociopath," can be a good person. And if some people cannot be that, then people are not responsible for who they are. True rationality will see that and act accordingly. And a mentality that cannot allow that cannot be allowed to be called scientific or rational.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Obama, Nazism and Communism

There are two major slanders made against the Obama administration. One is that Obama is a Hitler; the other is that he is a Communist. Both are easy to refute.

If Obama had been a Hitler, then people claiming him to be a Hitler would be dead. Instead they are free to spread their propaganda. This shows that Obama is nothing like Hitler and that his administration is nothing like Nazism.

If Obama had been a Communist, then he would have nationalized the banks and the car industry. Instead he bailed them out; and American capitalism owes a lot to the Obama administration.

Obama is nowhere close to either Nazism or Communism. Instead he is a great man who embodies the virtues of America and works to make America the best place that it can be.

Much is owed to Obama; and it is wrong to compare him to either Nazism or Communism.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sore Losers Among Conservatives

There are some conservatives who keep going on about how America has been lost. There is a term for these people: Sore losers.

For a long time conservatives went on about how they are the winners and how the liberals are all losers. History has proven them wrong. They started it with the bullying. Liberals did not start this fight. They can however finish it.

Under the Clinton administration, there were lots of apocalyptic warnings, primarily by right-wing survivalists. Yet under Clinton, America did great and added 23 million jobs. Under the Bush administration, private sector employment declined. Obama had a job to do: He had to rescue the economy from a freefall. Now, America is again on the mend, and its best years are still ahead of it.

No, America is not lost, nor is it close to being lost. Rather some people who want to be bullies are not finding it as easy to be bullies any longer. That is not a loss of anything; that is a great gain.

Having a black liberal in the White House is a great social accomplishment. It is an accomplishment that will inspire young people for ages to come. Obama has shown that it is possible to come from nothing – and be different from others - and become President. He embodies this great nation's promise; and him succeeding will give hope to people for ages. The hope that is essential to this great nation's promise; and that will motivate people all across the board to rise as high as their efforts can take them.

To see these bullies whining like sissie girls is a hideous sight. For years they accused liberals of whining or of being losers. Now that they aren't in charge, suddenly the sky is falling and America is destroyed. It is nowhere close to being destroyed. It is in better shape than it's ever been.

America is improving, and if the current trends hold it will continue to improve. The current administration is the proof that much is possible. It will inspire people for ages to come. The result will be a better America. Indeed the result will be a better world.