Friday, February 26, 2016

The Value of Freaks

Like many others, I have been accused of being a freak. I say that this is a good thing.

Freaks come up with all the original ideas that move everything forward. Freaks also see where everyone else is going wrong. When the main thrust of the society is Nazism, which is wrong about just about everything, the only people who have a chance to be right are people in disagreement with that society, who of course are regarded by that society as freaks. While not all societies are as overtly wrong as the Nazis, most have problems with them. And it takes someone whom such a society sees as a freak to notice that and to put into place corrective measures.

If evolution is true, then it is the freaks – the mutations – that drive the process that is responsible for all life. And if creationism is true, then from what we see in the Bible God works in mysterious ways. Specifically, he works through all sorts of people – such as say David – who are not respected in their home societies; and who by that standard are likewise seen as freaks.

If you are a freak: There is a good reason for it, and there are many good things that you can do with it. Don't try to negate what you are, make the most of it. The world needs its freaks, and there is a good reason for their existence. Embrace being a freak and make the most of it. And in the process do your part in the cosmic process.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jews and Arrogance

One persistent criticism of the Jews is that they are arrogant and see themselves as being above everyone else.

The same accusation has been made against the English, the Americans and the Germans.

The claim is that the Jews, because they see themselves as chosen people of God, think that they are better than everyone else. They are hardly alone in that sentiment. With imperial England's global ambitions, America's Manifest Destiny, and Nazi Lebensraum, the parties thought themselves better than others to the point of considering themselves justified in killing people all over the world and taking their land. Whereas the Jews do not seek to conquer anyone. There are some who have gone to Israel and live there, and there are others who live elsewhere in the world and generally behave themselves much better than its other inhabitants such as the Muslims.

Really, what matter is it to anyone whether a person sees himself as better or worse than other people? I am reminded of a movie about teenage thugs, in which a punk attacked a girl who was taking school seriously with, “You think you're better than everyone else?” What gives him the idea that he speaks for everyone else – 7 billion people, most of whom are nothing like him? Of whatever arrogance that girl was guilty, his was much greater.

We see the same thing, at a much more significant level, with the people who say that Jews think they're better than everyone else. What gives such a person the right to claim to speak for everyone else? Does he speak for the guy in China? The guy in Ethiopia? The guy in Thailand? Even if Jews are arrogant, the arrogance of such people is far greater.

Are there arrogant Jews? Yes. Do Jews own arrogance? No. Far greater arrogance belongs with the people who accuse Jews of thinking they're better than everyone else – and in this appropriate for themselves a supremely arrogant and completely unearned right to claim to speak for everyone else.

Obama and Antichrist

A good friend of mine, a devout Christian who also happens to be gay (non-practicing) and black, said that Obama is the Antichrist and that he is going to bring on another world war.

In 1990s, Jerry Falwell made a claim that the Antichrist was a Jewish person from a foreign country, in his 20s, living in America. That does not apply to Obama, but it does apply to someone with whom I bear a more than passing acquaintance.

If there was such a person as the Antichrist, my advice to him would be to simply not do his job. What matters it to him that he has the running of the world for a couple of years but finds himself in hell for eternity? Simply refuse to do your job.

Then maybe the Christians will have to stop hoping for an Armageddon in their lifetime and will get to work fixing the planet and making it liveable for their children.

And that will be good for everyone.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quarrelsome Allies and Real Enemies

There are two sources of criticism of America: From quarrelsome allies and from real enemies. The French criticize America, but they do not want to see America destroyed. ISIS, Taliban and Boka Haram do.

Many young people develop anti-American convictions in their learning stages, but come around when they realize what other systems look like. Reading Ward Churchill got me to hate the Western civilization and to drop out of society; but I found myself in the path of some very good people who helped me out during that time. From seeing their example I developed respect and appreciation for America and American people, so now America has my loyalty.

In addition to quarrelsome allies and real enemies, there are also powers that are neither. China and Russia are neither allies nor enemies of America; they pursue their own interest and work with Americans when it is in their benefit to do so. When Boris Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin met to create a multi-polar-bear world, they were articulating something that has since then become more entrenched. Neither country is crazy enough to start an outright war against America; but there will always be people in both countries who are very anti-American and who will want to influence their countries' policies in that direction.

The quarrelsome allies and real enemies must be treated differently based on what they are. You don't carpet-bomb France, nor do you invite terrorists into the US Congress. Some of the criticisms of the French are legitimate; and America would in fact benefit from having better art and poetry and possessing more respect for such things. From those who actually want to see America destroyed, America has the right to defend itself.

It is imperative to see the difference between quarrelsome allies and real enemies and treat them accordingly.

Jews and Crucifixion of Jesus

One justification for anti-Jewish sentiments is the claim that Jews have crucified Jesus. No they did not. None of the Jews now alive were alive at the time of Jesus; and it is wrong that they be blamed for something that they did not do.

As for the Jews contemporary with Jesus, they were only following the Ten Commandments law. According to Ten Commandments, the first commandment is “Thou shalt have no god before me.” Jesus, in claiming to be God, committed the worst sin in the book: The sin of blasphemy. That is the reason why Jesus's contemporaries let off a murderer while insisting on crucifying him. They were not operating from the position of wickedness – any kind of wickedness. They were operating from the position of the law of Moses; and their actions can not be called wicked unless the law of Moses is to be seen as such.

What would happen if Jesus came to America now and said that he was God? Most likely he would be pumped full of risperidal. If Jesus appeared before the Jews today, he likewise would not have gotten crucified. I certainly wouldn't have crucified him, and I am a Jew. It is important that people are to be seen for what they are than for what their ancestors have been; otherwise the Germans are to be forever branded as Nazis, Americans as slave traders, and the English as colonialists. And all these sins are far more recent than was the crucifixion of Jesus.

I consider it wrong to blame people for something that they had nothing to do with and that they, had they been there at the time, would not have done. I wouldn't have crucified Jesus; my family wouldn't have crucified Jesus; most Jews I know would not have crucified Jesus. In the same way as, say, most today's Germans, if they had been alive at the time of the Second World War, would not have supported Hitler; in the same way as most today's Americans would not have taken part in the slave trade; in the same way as most today's English would not have taken part in colonialism.

People – whether Jewish or German – should not be blamed for the sins of their ancestors; and the sins of the Germans, the Americans and the English are much more recent and much greater than the sins of the Jews. Today's Jews have not crucified anyone, nor would they. The Israelis were only following the Biblical law. And they cannot be considered wicked for it unless the Biblical law is to itself be seen as wicked.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Women, Jews and Guilt by Association

On Google Groups, there is a poster who keeps claiming that women brought death and suffering into the world. I ask, Which woman: Hillary Clinton or Brittney Spears? Even if there was a person such as Eve, she no more speaks for contemporary women than does Jeffrey Dahmer speak for me as another man. I refuse to be held accountable for actions of other people; and I refuse to stand by while all sorts of innocent people are being treated horribly because of something that they had nothing to do with.

The core error here is that of seeing all women as being the same, or as a part of the same force. But women are half of humanity, and there are vast differences among them. There is not much in common between Anne Coulter and Marie Curie; or between Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey; or between Phyllis Schafly and Madonna. To see all women as part of the same force is ridiculous; and treating the next woman based on something that she had nothing to do with is preposterous.

We see the same thing with people agitating against the Jews. The Jews are not a uniform entity; there are vast differences among them, and Jews disagree with one another all the time on all sorts of subjects. If there had been a Jewish conspiracy, I would have been invited to be a part of it a long time ago. I haven't been; so there is no Jewish conspiracy.

If Jews were – as these people claim – evil, and if Jews were – as these people claim – in control, then they would be facing a firing squad. That they are instead free to spread their propaganda shows either that Jews are not in control, or that the Jews are so good that they would even let live the people who wish them dead.

There is an unfortunate tendency in humanity to blame people by association. Many people still see Germans with aversion because of the Second World War; but the vast bulk of contemporary Germans were born after the Second World War and had nothing to do with it. Similarly, many Christians today are regarded negatively by non-Christians because of the Inquisition and the Colonialism. These people had nothing to do with these crimes, but because they are Christians they get the flack.

We also see this problem with those in the African American community who see the whole system as racist and exploitative and claim that white people are bad because they benefit from it. Which white people? When I was in my early 20s and making good money in the computer industry, I started reading Ward Churchill. I developed hatred for the Western civilization and for my role in it, motivating me to drop out, which was a bad experience for my family. Some of these people would see me as evil just because I am white, regardless of how I myself treat the black people in my life; and that is no better than Nazism.

At no point in this do I come from the position of political correctness. I detest political correctness and have fought it ever since I knew what it was. I believe that wrong ideas should be met, not with censorship, but with better ideas; as I am seeking to do here.

There is absolutely nothing evil, or immoral, about my Jewish family. They are all hard-working, honest, ethical people. They have major political differences with one another, and they remain loyal to one another even in spite of these differences. And believe me that takes a lot.

So whenever we see someone agitating against women, or against the Jews, or anything of the sort, what we are seeing is either an idiot or a conman. There is no Jewish conspiracy, and there is no woman conspiracy. Jews differ from one another, and women differ from one another. And until one acknowledges this basic reality he has no business commenting negatively about either.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quran, Christians and the Devil

Having read the Quran, I can see why it has so many followers. This is some powerful writing. That does not mean however that it is right.

I have Christian friends who say outright that it was Archangel Lucifer, not Archangel Gabriel, who gave Mohammad the Quran. That some in Islam claim that statements in the Quran have been truthful before science discovered their validity does not mean that the Quran comes from God. A naughty spirit would know that life is based on water as much as God would know that life is based on water. So there is a possibility that these Christians are right, and that the Quran comes from the devil.

I reserve the right to doubt both those people who say that Quran is true and that nothing else is and the people who say that Quran is a work of Satan. But more people who stand fanatically by Quran need to have their beliefs brought into question, and they need to be made to doubt their beliefs. Their absolute certainty in the rightness of the Quran has lead them to destroy some of the world's greatest civilizations and leads them now to wage a war against the Western Civilization while throwing sulfuric acid into girls' faces and selling children into sexual slavery. These people want to kill or enslave everyone who does not believe what they believe; and the more doubt is planted as to the validity of their convictions the more there is a possibility for correcting these abuses.

With tolerant religions such as Buddhism, there is no need to make them doubt their convictions. They tolerate other creeds, and they do not hurt those who do not willingly want to be a part of their path. But an aggressive, militant, intolerant creed such as Islam should be made to doubt its convictions; and the more this is done the less they have the justification to indulge in the horrible abuses that they perpetrate.

My advice to the Western world is to confront the Muslims on their beliefs as much as on their actions. Their fanatical self-certainty leads them to do horrible things to people; and for as long as they think that it is God's will for them to do these horrible things they will continue to do them. Get more people in Middle East to question the Quran, and get more people elsewhere in the world to see everything that is wrong with the Quran. And in this way prevent the rising of an international tyranny.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

America and Arrogance

After the 9-11 attacks, the son of a friend of mine asked her why so many people hate America. Her response was that a lot of Americans had arrogance about them, and that this arrogance got them hated.

I have myself been accused of arrogance, even of narcissism; and mostly the people making such claims did not know what they were talking about. I don't just care about myself; I care about all sorts of people, including the people whom those who label me that way don't care about.

Are Americans arrogant? If they are, they are nowhere close to being alone in it. There are plenty of populations around the world who think that they are better than everyone else. Russians, Jews, French, Muslim and any number of other populations think highly of themselves and low of others. So if Americans are in fact arrogant, they are nowhere close to being alone in it.

America is a very big target; and there are all sorts of people who want to bait it. Some of these people hate other arrogant populations, and others only hate the Americans. I was anti-American in my learning stages, but I have developed respect for America and Americans. They may be arrogant; but they have done meaningful things.

I think that there are many things that are worse than arrogance; and that the people who throw sulfuric acid into girls' faces or sell children into sex slavery are much worse than the people who think that they are better than these people. America is on the right side of history in this conflict, and I am willing to contribute my efforts toward that effect. Brutality is vastly worse than arrogance, and even if Americans are arrogant they are better than most people who hate them. And the solution comes in exposing the sins of these people so that America – and the rest of the world – can avoid falling the way of the Taliban.

Free Spirited Women and Abuse

Having known any number of free-spirited women who have had bad experience in relationships, I have an explanation for why their experience has been this bad.

Men are attracted to free-spirited women; however what these woman are is against their values. They want and they hate at the same time. And this combination always leads to abuse.

The direction of psychology has been concerned with raising these women's self-esteem. I find that to be a goose chase. There will always be someone to tear down whatever self-esteem you build up; and getting these women to work on their self-esteem is generally unproductive.

What is productive? Getting these women to be conscious of the dynamics involved. They are attractive, and they are hated, at the same time. They should be made aware of these dynamics, so that they know how to deal with the men who are attracted to them and hate them at the same time.

When values and likes are in discord, the result is misery for everyone involved. The man wants and he hates at the same time; which is bad both for him and for the woman. The solution is to either bring one's likes in accord with one's values or to bring one's values in accord with one's likes. Man should either pursue women for whom he has respect, or man should modify his values to respect the women to whom he is attracted.

Happiness is a function of one's likes and one's values being in accord with one another; and a man whose values and likes are in disagreement with one another dooms himself and his partner to a life of misery. Either respect and value free-spirited women, or go with a traditional type of woman. Happiness – for oneself and one's partner – demands nothing less.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jews and Patriotism

We hear a lot of statements to the effect of that Jews have too much power, or even that the Jews control America.

My response is that, in a place that does not discriminate against them, people who are willing to pursue education and to work hard rise to the top; and that is what we see with American Jewry.

Do Jews have a lot of voice in the American media? Yes; because they are good at it. Do Jews have a strong presence on Wall Street, in Hollywood, in the academia? Yes; because they are good at it. Their accomplishments should be respected rather than demonized. America owes a lot to the Jews; and it is especially in times like these that it is important that this be pointed out.

As to the other claim – that Jews are in control – the response is that, if that had been the case, then the people saying such things would be facing a firing squad. That they are instead free to spread their propaganda shows either that Jews are not in control, or that the Jews are so good that they would even let live the people who wish them dead.

When one reads Nazi or otherwise anti-Jewish rants, one finds any number of ridiculous claims, probably the biggest of which being that there is effectively a Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Had there been such a conspiracy, I would have a long time ago been invited to be its member. There is no such conspiracy; Jews differ from one another vastly, with Orthodox Jews acting like Muslims, conservative Jews acting like the Americans, and reform Jews acting like the French. Jews fight with one another about all sorts of things, and liberal American Jews and orthodox Israeli Jews have a lot of disagreement with one another. There is no Jewish conspiracy. There is a sense of identity with one's people; which Anglo-Saxon people, Greek people, Hindu people and all sorts of other people have as well. Jews would fight one another, but they would also stick up for one another. And that is something from which other people of all races stand to learn.

There is a vast difference between identifying with one's people and having some kind of a conspiracy to control the world. There is benign patriotism and malignant patriotism. The first seeks the well-being of one's own people; the other seeks the destruction of someone else. The two must at all times be distinguished from one another. The first results in peaceful, prosperous, livable societies. The second results in rape and pillage. An Anglo-Saxon man who truly is patriotic will seek the well-being of his own people, not the destruction of others.

The Jews that I know do in fact practice benign patriotism. They seek the well-being of Jewish people; they also seek well-being of the rest of the world. They want to see other people do well; and that is especially the case with people – such as Africans and Native Americans – who have been historically disadvantaged. This stance – seeking well-being for one's own people and seeking well-being for other people – I regard as the definition of true good. The person benefits his own people; he also benefits others. Humanity blossoms through both mechanisms.

The more non-Jewish people adopt the same perspective, the better will be their effect on the world. Benevolence is not limited to the Jews; and a Christian or a Muslim person who is truly benevolent stands a lot to gain from this mentality. Embrace benign patriotism; reject malignant patriotism. And as a result of that see your people grow in liberty and prosperity while having respect of the rest of the world.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Democrats and Winners

For a long time the Republicans have been claiming that they were winners and that everyone else were losers. Then the Democrats got better at business and technology. So now, the same people who claimed themselves to be winners are claiming that the world is evil because not everyone who is a winner practices their beliefs.

I do not see any reason whatsoever why a winner would have to be a Republican. There are winners and losers everywhere, from Texas to China. Many of the people who vote Republican now would be regarded by 80s Republicans to be losers. And there are plenty of winners among the Democrats.

What we see here is a false worldview being challenged by reality. A person who thinks that only Republicans are winners is thrown completely off kilter when a winner is not a Republican. This causes what I call worldview panic. And the reaction to that is completely hysterical.

So now we are seeing people blame Jews, or liberals, for all sorts of problems. The first is the most easy to refute. If Jews were – as these people say – in control, and if Jews were – as these people say - evil, then they would be facing a firing squad. Instead they are free to spread their propaganda; which shows either that Jews are not in control, or that the Jews are so good that they would even let live the people who wish them dead.

With treatment of liberals, what we see is supreme ingratitude. Liberals dominate science, which is at the root of all technology – meaning, at the root of just about everything that business sells. Liberals take poorly-paying positions in education so that they could direct their energies toward supporting the mental development of the youth. Liberals run Hollywood, which dominates the world's airwaves. Liberals have created noble social covenants, and in parts of America where they are in power women have equal powers with men.

It takes a lot to win while holding true to noble ideals. The Democrats who are winners do not deserve demonization; they deserve respect. Having good values, and being in a position to make these good values matter, creates the best of all worlds. The more Democrats do well, the more they are in position to influence matters in right direction. The better becomes the lot of America.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

White Racism and Black Racism

I've heard from a number of liberal white city people that they have been under nasty attacks from some black people.

My analysis is that the black people who attack the white city liberals are idiots. The white city liberals for the most part have good will toward black people. And in attacking the white people who have good will toward them, while doing nothing to confront the white people who actually hate them, the black people who do such a thing are acting in a completely self-defeating manner.

I am a white man; I make no apologies for being a white man. I was born that way. I am also a white man who thinks favorably of black people and wants to see them do well. I want to see Africa rise out of poverty; I want to see black people in America do as well as the white people. That does not mean however that I'm going to let some jerk of any race treat me like trash.

I am in no way a racist. Some of my best friends are black; and I have respect for them. But I have no respect for people who are so blinded by their hatred that they attack their potential allies. Among white people, there are people who have good will toward black people and there are people who have ill will toward black people. A black person who is truly interested in advancing the well-being of his people will be good to the white people who have good will toward him.

Racism – both white-on-black and black-on-white – is wrong. I refuse to be held accountable for the actions of people whom I do not know, and who, if they had run into me, would have most likely treated me as an enemy. I did not take part in slavery and colonialism, and if such things existed in my lifetime I most likely would have fought them. It is imperative that black people who seek their empowerment would confront those white people who actually have ill will toward them instead of attacking the white people who have good will toward them. There are white people who like black people and there are white people who hate black people; and black empowerment demands supporting the first and confronting the second.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Communism and My Grandmother

My grandmother was a card-carrying member of the Soviet Communist Party; but she was nowhere close to being evil. She worked hard as a math teacher, and when she retired she continued working hard, cooking dinner, cleaning the apartment and helping me along with my education to result in me becoming a star student.

There are many people who see Communists as evil. Don't say that about my grandmother. She could be overbearing at times; but she was never malicious, cunning, deceitful, lazy or anything of that sort.

I am not a Communist. I think that Communism is very easy to refute. There is no such thing as historical inevitability; people's choices will take history into any number of directions for any number of reasons and in any number of ways. The businessman is not a thief; he is someone who gets things done. And the same problems that Communists see as being redressible through class struggle are redressed a lot better through social mobility.

That does not mean however that everyone who bought into Communism was a bad person. My grandmother is one person who bought into Communism who was not evil at all. She would be seen as having lived an exemplary life by many American conservatives; and she and people who've made similar choices should be respected for the good work that they have done.

All sorts of good people fall for all sorts of bad ideologies. Not everyone who bought into Nazism was a sociopath or a narcissist; not everyone who bought into European colonialism was a brute; and not everyone who bought into Communism was evil. It should be possible to work with the people who've bought into Communism and direct their capacity for dedication and hard work toward better causes. That way the world will benefit from these people's efforts and gain through their efforts instead of spending its energy grinding these people into dirt.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Misogyny and Love

When I was working for a Lebanese food place, I had a co-worker, a young man from the Middle East, who worked hard and was for the most part a kind person. He admitted to me that he was often verbally abusive to his girlfriend; so I told him that such behavior made it harder for her to love him.

If you are bad to someone who loves you, then what message does it send to the world? The message it sends is that people should not love you and that they should treat you like trash. I do not think that this is something that many people understand. They treat people who love them like dirt; nobody else gives a damn. It teaches people that they should treat the person like rubbish, as that is how he treats the people who love him.

This was not an evil person; this was a confused person. He, like many others in Middle East, had his head pumped full of misogynistic idiocy, which in places such as the Middle East trickles down to everyone, including the better-natured men who under other circumstances would never be abusive. I've known any number of good-natured men who were influenced to be misogynistic and nasty to their women. They were not themselves evil; they were wrongfully influenced.

If anything effective is to be done against domestic violence, there will be a need to confront these kinds of influences wherever they are.

And then the good-natured people will be doing the right thing by the women in their lives, and the ill-natured people will have to change their ways.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Feminism and Other Cultures

I've been called everything from a pussywhipped idiot to a misogynist; and in most cases those claims say more about people making them than they do about me.

My agenda is simple. I want men and women to get along. That means the men knowing what women want; women knowing what men want; and the two negotiating workable solutions.

Ultimately it makes sense to be in favor of neither men nor women. There will always be both, and some will choose to act rightfully and others will choose to act wrongly. It makes sense to support men and women who choose to be good to their partners; and it makes sense to confront men and women who choose to treat the other gender like trash.

When the same people who claim to be in favor of feminism support the most misogynistic ideology on the planet – Jihadist Islam – we know that we are seeing people not thinking straight. The white man is not the only possible source of oppression and misogyny, and there are plenty of people who practice such things who are not the white man. Compared to ISIS, the white man is quite mild. There are plenty of white men who do terrible things to women; but there are many cultures around the world in which the brutality is worse.

I have known a woman from India who had feminist views, whose female relatives tried to arrange to get her raped so that she know the difference between men and women. In Russia, 14,000 women a year die from domestic violence. In Middle East, it is worse than in either Russia or in India. A woman who truly seeks women's well-being will confront these people to the same extent that she will confront chavinist pigs in the Western world. And if she fails to do that, then she cannot be claimed to be in support of women's well-being.

There is a lot that need to be done around the world to confront these disgusting practices. The problem is that many women who think themselves feminists are only seeing the capacity for misogyny in the Western culture and fail to see the capacity for the same in the rest of the world. In the name of tolerance they support cultures that are severely misogynistic and that treat women far worse than women in the West are ever treated. And that makes these people hypocrites.

Misogyny is not only the artifact of a Western society; it exists in all sorts of places, and in some of these places it is much worse than it is in the West. A woman who truly is in favor of women's rights or women's empowerment will see this and act accordingly. Much has been done in the West to improve women's lot, but much less has been done in places such as the Middle East. And a true feminist will recognize this and direct her efforts accordingly.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

FDR, Reagan and Present Election

Ronald Reagan and FDR had a lot in common.

They were both exceptionally strong people.

Neither of them was seen as particularly intelligent, but they both had guts.

And both of them were transformative presidents whose policies continued to dominate America long after they were gone.

There are many Republicans who are looking for another Reagan; but I see nobody in the field who begins to compare to Reagan in character or in personal strength. Bush Jr. tried to be another Reagan and failed miserably; and Trump, while obviously an effective person and an excellent businessman, is rightfully seen as a bully. Democrats, for their part, stopped looking for another FDR a long time ago, as FDR was dead long before the bulk of contemporary voters were born.

There is however a recent Democrat who was a successful president. That was Bill Clinton. He restored fiscal sanity to America, and under him America added 23 million private jobs. Hillary Clinton would be expected to restore the successful economic policies of Bill Clinton. And, not being a playboy like her husband, she should avoid the attacks on her character that plagued the Bill Clinton administration.

There is no Reagan in this race, and there is no FDR in this race. There is however a Clinton in this race; and many people are longing for the prosperity and fiscal sanity that existed under Bill Clinton. Facing bullies on the Right and a socialist on the Left, she is expected to be the moderate candidate that restores fiscal sanity and prosperity to America. I hope more people see that and vote accordingly.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Juanita Broaddrick and Social Conservatives

There are any number of conservatives who say that they believe Juanita Broaddrick's accusations of rape against Bill Clinton. I for one do not believe Juanita Broaddrick. I think that she is an opportunist who wants to get famous by telling a bunch of credible lies. The issue however does not end there.
I've seen the legal system – particularly in socially conservative areas – completely fail women who have been victims of real rape and real violence. In India, 40,000 women a year die from domestic violence. In Russia, whose population is one eight that of India, it's 14,000. In Afghanistan, young men protested against the new anti-rape laws with signs saying “We want to rape.” In Kenya, a large number of schoolgirls were raped and killed by their classmates, and the principle excused it with “Oh, these boys did not want to hurt the girls, they just wanted to rape.”
In America and Australia I have seen the system fail real victims many times likewise. I am talking about men who repeatedly raped the children being awarded full custody of the child, and the child denied a meaningful interaction with the parent who tried to protect them. I am talking having a woman who is an engineer living out of a truck because her entire paycheck has been garnished to pay child support to a man who beat her and her children. I am talking having a man who broke his wife's skull so badly that she needed 40 stitches being awarded full custody of the child.
Where are conservatives in all of these situations? Nowhere of course. They only care when the wrongdoing is alleged to be done by the other side. And to these people I say this. I will believe Juanita Broaddrick when you believe real victims.
I had a friend from India whose parents told her that if a woman gets raped it is her own fault. She was a feminist; so her mother and aunt wanted to arrange to get her raped so that she know the difference between men and women. All these, and more, are people who hide behind “family values” and “traditional values” to excuse their disgusting behavior. Once again, the conservatives are nowhere when this happens; but they are everywhere when an opportunist impugns Bill Clinton for much lesser crimes.
Social conservatives – in America and elsewhere - don't care if children or women get raped. They've proven that in many courts both inside and outside America. It's only when a wrongdoing is alleged to a Democrat that they have something to say. I see no reason at all why Juanita Broaddrick should get preferential treatment over the many millions of victims of real incest and family violence. Nor do I see why conservatives should talk about such things. Not only are they nowhere when a real victim needs help, but they do everything that they can to silence the real victims.
Even if Clinton had sex with Juanita Broaddrick, it is nothing compared to the daily hell in which millions of women and children in America – and outside of America – live. The banner of family values gets used to prevent victims of incest and family violence from confronting their perpetrators; and in this the concept of family values is profaned. A good father would not be raping or beating his children, and the father who hides behind family values to excuse such practices is a terrible father. Which means that the concept of “family values” serves bad people and nobody else.
It is utter hypocrisy to support Broaddrick's accusations against Bill Clinton while doing nothing to fight real abuse and real wrongdoing. Juanita Broaddrick is doing well enough; but the same cannot be said about many victims of incest and family violence. When conservatives start confronting these things in their communities for real, their claims would be more credible. Until then they are a bunch of hypocrites who would believe unsubstantiated claims of rape against Bill Clinton while doing nothing to fight much graver and much more damaging wrongs.