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Russia, China, Political Correctness and Player Cultures

I once had a conservative poster on the Internet tell me that Clinton stood for America's weakness. That is entirely not the case. Clinton stood for win-win scenarios. He wanted America to do well; he also wanted the rest of the world to do well. And for quite some time, his policies worked very well in both directions.

I advocate this approach: Dealing with people based on what they are. If someone is an implacable enemy – such as people who see America as the Great Satan – they should not be accommodated; they should be met with a greater force. Whereas with others, an entirely different approach is necessary.

With France, Russia, China, India, and Latin America, we see all sorts of things. Some are quarrelsome allies; others seek their benefit whether or not it is the same as that of America. This requires dealing with them based on what they are. France may be critical of America on a number of fronts, some of which are legitimate; but it does not want to see America destroyed. India does not want to destroy anyone; it wants to win on the power of its spiritual ideas. This requires a brain-intensive rather than a one-size-fit-all approach, dealing with each place based on what it is.

Probably the biggest wrong to have come out of recent American policy has been their treatment – respectively – of Russia and China. The Soviet Union elected a noble-minded leader named Mikhail Gorbachev who sought to make the place more democratic and more humane. The Communist hardliners put him under a house arrest and sent in tanks to shoot at the people gathered in the Red Square; the military made the noble choice of refusing the orders to shoot; and the country was rewarded for its noble and rightful decisions by having the country plundered and its people treated like dirt. Whereas when the Chinese government sent in tanks to shoot at people gathered in the Tiannanmen Square, the military did obey the orders to shoot, and America and China remain best friends. This has made Americans look like scoundrels and hypocrites to the rest of the world; and when Iranian people elected a moderate leader named Mohammad Khatami the Islamist hardliners had success in thwarting his reform agenda by claiming that he was the Gorbachev of Iran. This is not only bad ethics; it also is bad politics.

There are many people in Russia who look up to America, and there are many people in Russia who hate America. This conflict has been ongoing since 17th century – between the people who look toward Russian tradition and the people who look toward the West. Russian people looked up to the West, and many now believe that the West has betrayed them. There is nothing evil on the part of the Russian people about this; this is a perfectly understandable sentiment. You look up to the West only to see your country plundered, guess who will become more credible in the country?

I have read that the Chinese business approach is to make themselves indispensable to the companies for which they work, and to get power over them by so doing. This likewise requires to be met based on what it is. Get rid of the people who do such a thing and instead build real loyalties. Move manufacturing either back to America or to places like Africa, Latin America and Bengladesh that do not have this agenda. In the process, create reasons for workers to have a real loyalty to the companies for which they work. I have seen this done successfully by companies both small and large. One huge corporation for which I worked became highly successful by involving people at all levels in the decision-making process. This made the workers feel like what they did mattered, and they became very loyal to the company. There were some smaller companies for which I worked which went to the bother of building personal friendships with their employees; and these people likewise became loyal to the companies and went above and beyond the call of duty to do excellent work.

If China wants to become a global superpower, it will have to do so through honest practices rather than through manipulation. Once again, I see no reason why a country whose military obeys the orders to shoot at the people should be doing better than a country whose military does not. This is against everything that America claims to be about; and treating the Chinese better than the Russians makes Americans look like scoundrels and hypocrites to everyone – in Russia, in China, and everywhere else.

Which, of course, gives credibility – and power - to America's real enemies; both in these countries and in the rest of the world.

France is not an enemy of America; it is a quarrelsome ally. It is wrong that the French be seen by many in America in the same way as the Taliban or regarded as an enemy. They are not an enemy; they are an ally that does not agree with everything in America, but they do not want to see America destroyed.

In Russia, there are people who support America; people who oppose America; and people who support some things about America while condemning others. Many people from Russia – myself included – have respect for America's political and economic systems, but have no use for the American media culture or social attitudes. America's political and economic practices are superior to those of Russia; its social attitudes and primary education system aren't. “Political correctness,” “avant garde” poetry and the art that NEA funds are absolute abominations; and on these matters Russian culture is vastly superior to that of America. My solution has not been to whine about such things but to either confront or improve them: In case of third-wave feminism show its absurdity, destructiveness and hypocrisy; and in case of arts and poetry translate five books of classical Russian poetry into English and publish three books of actual poetry that people actually want to read.

Ultimately, my agenda is the same as that of Bill Clinton. I seek win-win scenarios. I seek to improve every place with which I am working, either through introduction of better ideas from abroad or by improving upon their own. Russia benefits from American political and economic ideas, and America benefits from Russian culture, science and educational practices. Both places exist, and I expect both to continue to exist for a long time. The matter is, in which form.

I have no interest in ruling anyone, and I have no interest in killing anyone. I seek to influence culture and I seek to influence thought. I seek to confront the wrongs in every place and replace wrongful practices with superior ones, while supporting what's right in every place. This is the case with Russia; this is the case with America; this also is the case with Australia, where I am presently living. I have no dictatorial pretensions, as some people have claimed falsely. I seek to influence culture and thought.

I have known real artists and poets in both America and Australia, and they were women. I have respect for them, but I do not generalize that respect upon all women any more than does a Third Wave feminist generalize a respect for Martin Luther King or Mohandas Gandhi or Ward Churchill upon all men. Most people who claim respect as their value are conmen. They only pretend to be respectful to people from whom they want something. Then they treat everyone else – especially people closest to them - like dirt. I have known any number of salesman and player types in both America and Australia who did just that to their wives and their girlfriends; and I have no respect for a survival adaptation that is manifestly dishonest. Any more than I do for the Chinese practice of making themselves indispensable for the companies for which they work in order to get power over these companies. The rhetoric about respecting everyone is a racket. Nobody actually respects everyone – especially not the American feminists. Most pretend to respect those from whom they want something, while showing absolutely no real respect for the people who are actually close to them and over whom they wield real power.

Does this make me a rude Russian? Yes. I would rather know what people actually think and feel instead of having them pretend to be nice to me while actually wanting to kill me. Then I know what I am dealing with. In suppressing what people actually thought and felt, political correctness – and the Southern culture before that - has created a population of conmen. These people mouth a pretend respect while thinking and feeling something completely different. If someone believes that Jews or Russians are evil, or that I am a sociopath, or anything along the same lines, I would rather hear that than having them put on a front and pretend to be good to me while hating me and wanting to kill me. Then I know what I am dealing with; and I can find out workable ways to deal with it.

I believe that the rest of the American population deserves the same actual respect – instead of a pretend respect disguising the core of deceit.

Islamic jihadism has probably been the best real-world refutation to political correctness. Here are men who are not a part of the Western civilization, who are far worse by the standards of liberalism or feminism than anyone in America, and whom the feminists have welcomed under the banner of multiculturalism – only to see them infiltrate the disadvantaged communities in America and teach the males there to be even worse to women than they had been before. So that while the feminists are out there hunting “sociopaths” and “perverts” among the white liberal American population, real brutality and real misogyny grows up in their own constituencies and puts the women who live there under a yoke much worse than anything done by any American “sociopath.” I am not in the academia or any official media organ, nor am I taking taxpayer money for what I am writing. Which makes it possible for me to reveal this as much as it is possible to do so for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is wrong about any number of things. He is completely wrong about global warming especially; but in confronting political correctness he is doing a great service to America. He is fighting real fascism and real dishonesty. He is fighting a party line that has taught everyone who's been a part of it to be dishonest and insincere. He is fighting ugliness draped in a false front of tolerance – something that American feminists, for one, believe to be the essence of sociopathic character. The character that they claim to be fighting; but that they themselves embody far more.

Respect is a value when it is genuine. It is not a value when it is a pretense. The salesmen types only pretend to respect you; but they want your money. The player types only pretend to respect you as well; then they turn into brutes when you are theirs. One needs to cut through such things as with a sword. Genuine rudeness is more respectful than fake politeness. It treats you like a human being rather than a pawn to be played.

In fact, women are far more empowered by being able to see such things than they are by political correctness. They can then see people's actual character rather than their fronts. I have heard it said by a black American woman that sometimes nice people are worse than mean ones. She is correct. The world is full of conmen and players who put on a front in order to get what they want or whom they want, and then use the same player skills to convince everyone else – from the courts onward - that they are the good guys as they bash the woman and the children and treat them like dirt.

These people must be seen for what they are and for what they do and dealt with accordingly. In the same way as the Chinese who make themselves indispensable in order to get power over the companies for which they work need to be seen for their tactic and likewise dealt with accordingly.

I have never been considered a nice guy, nor do I seek that label. But when I was with a gorgeous older American artist, her children told her that it was great that she was with someone nice for a change. The previous men with whom she had been were regarded by many as nice guys, but they treated her terribly. Whereas I am normally regarded as a freak and have been falsely portrayed as a sociopath or a predator or a misogynist, but I treated her well. That is because I actually respected her, and I actually loved her – which those men only pretended to do in order to make her their trophy wife.

Evil is very rarely found where you expect it to be. It knows how to hide and pretend, and I for one have found it in all sorts of totally unexpected places. I have also found good in all sorts of completely unexpected places, as well as people with aspirations toward good who simply did not have the knowledge or the encouragement or the skill that they needed to make it matter. I continue finding such things every day – once again, in all sorts of places, many of them completely different from what one would normally expect. Some of the best people I've known are people who are normally regarded as dangerous. As Bono said, “You are dangerous cause you're honest.” An intrinsically sincere person will always be dangerous to people practicing a culture of insincerity and fake respect. I hope to know more such “dangerous” people, I hope to have more of them in my life, and I hope to see more of them having the power in society – in America, in Russia, in Australia, in India, in China, in Japan, everywhere.

Conman cultures and player cultures will be torn to shreds by actual sincerity, as they well should. Doing that actually improves the lot of the women in them. They can then see people for who they are, and they can make better choices in relationships. Political correctness empowers only the insincere. And a healthy dose of traditional Russian rudeness will go a long way toward improving these cultures – in the same way as real art and poetry, Russian-style, stands likewise to improve America and the West.


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