Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Donald Trump Will Do

Since most people who read this are liberals, they are probably not in favor of the outcome of the present election. I however am of the opinion that it should be possible to work with Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump embodies the qualities that made America great – the qualities of innovation and ingenuity. When these qualities are being portrayed by psychology as narcissism, something is very wrong with the country. When a profession goes off a cliff, it takes someone to check the resulting problems; and even if it comes from a Republican it is for the better.

Donald Trump is also probably the only person on American scene to take on the monstrosity known as political correctness. No, I do not want my daughter to wind up a punching bag for some idiot; nor however do I want her to be abused by feminists for being pretty and kind. Both men and women are capable of wrongdoing – equally. It is not rational to side with either gender against the other. It is rational to side with the good people in either gender against the bad ones in either.

If Mr. Trump wants to deny global warming or do other stupid things of the sort, it should be possible to correct him by working within his stated values. A person who values responsibility will not be blindly plundering the planet; and a person who values family will not be leaving behind for his children a worse world than he has found. Argue within his stated values in favor of truly responsible solutions such as clean energy; and hold him – and his followers – accountable on such matters according to the values that they claim to possess.

Among the Russians, Republicans are generally held in higher regard than are the Democrats. Mr. Trump appears to enjoy a fruitful relationship with Vladimir Putin, and that stands to work for the betterment of both countries. There is a lot in common between American conservatives and Russians; and it should be possible for the two countries to develop and maintain a good working relationship.

Mr. Trump looks back to 1980s, and Hillary Clinton looked back to 1990s. I do not see either decade as either better or worse than the other. In both decades the economy boomed; and in both decades the society was intolerable – for different reasons. In one decade there was a mean-spirited patriarchy, and in the other decade there was a mean-spirited matriarchy. Neither in my view is better or worse than the other.

Mr. Trump will be good for business, and I would advise more people to go into business under this administration. I may very well do the same thing. I will however do what I can to check Republicans in their errors on this subject. They think that business is the only root of prosperity. It is not. Science is at the root of most of what business sells. Education makes people in the country employable. If idiots militate against either, they will need to be told just that. I do not think that Mr. Trump is stupid enough to make this error; but many people affiliated with him will be. They will need to be told it straight just how much business – and prosperity – owes to such things as education and science.

As for poetry and the arts, these actually stand to benefit under this administration. Mr. Trump has excellent taste in architecture and machinery, and he also has a good taste in women. The postmodernists, avant-garde and other destructive cultural influences stand to lose out under Trump, and real art and culture stands to come back. I would not advise bringing back influences from 1960s. I advise bringing back influences from 1920s. America produced some excellent work at that time, and it did so at a time when a Republican was president. If Republicans think that artistic types are a bunch of bums, they can be met with art that appeals to them. They can be met with genuinely tasteful artwork and architecture. They can be met with creativity that is constructive and not destructive. They can be met with real art and real culture.

I do not know who stands to gain, and who stands to suffer, under this administration. I do however see positive qualities in this person, that many others do not see. Let's see what he does and where his actions will take the country. Deal with these people according to their stated values, rather than liberal values. And use whatever arguments you will need to deal with them when they fail to meet their stated values, as they do for example on global warming.


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