Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Really Is Whose Responsibility?

One claim in psychology is that neurotics take responsibility for things that are not their responsibility, whereas the personality disordered do not take responsibility for things that are.

The correct question to ask in all such situations is, What is whose responsibility? Different places have different ideas on this subject. There are some places that see responsibility as being personal. There are other places that see responsibility as being shared. In either one of such places, the other place would be seen as composed of both neurotics and people with personality disorders.

There was a poster on the Internet who was going on about wanting women “to share in the askout.” Someone else stated that this person wanted society to compensate for him not having certain skills. What is whose fault, and what is whose responsibility? I believe that every place in the world needs to have this debate. What, really, is whose responsibility?

In my own life, I have done a lot to separate one from the other. I used to be physically weak. That was a problem with me, and it is a problem that I've fixed by doing rigorous exercise. I have a lot of ideas and I have been in love any number of times. Some people think that that is a problem with my personality. No, that is the problem with people who think that such things are bad.

What, really, is whose problem? That is the central issue in situations of this sort. I've been around the block enough times to know that people would be likely to take credit when their actions pay off and blame others when they don't. I do not think that it would ever be possible to get rid of this propensity. It should however be possible to balance it with legitimate understanding.


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