Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rightful Treatment Of Men And Women

There was one time when someone on a forum asked, “Does Ilya like all women or just pretty women?” My response is that I like whom I like. Same with everyone else, including that poster. It makes no sense to like or dislike someone because of their gender. It makes sense to like someone because of superior qualities.

In some places – such as the American liberal culture – men tend to be better than women. In many other places in the world – such as Russia and Middle East – women tend to be better than men. In the first case, the women claim that men are by nature destructive. In the second case, men claim that women are evil or inferior. Neither claim has any validity.

Instead, what we see in both cases is a game. Women in the American liberal culture merit from the efforts of all sorts of men who have been fighting traditional Western misogyny. Men elsewhere get all sorts of things from the woman – sex, companionship, children, clean house, in many cases another source of income and in some cases the only source of income. Their belief that the other gender is evil allows them to benefit from what the other gender offers them without rewarding them appropriately for what they are getting from them. And that is supreme dishonesty.

Without liberal-minded men, women in the American liberal culture would be punching bags for some idiot. And without women, men in places like Russia and Middle East will not reproduce or have a dinner and a clean house. If you think that women are evil, then by all means don't be with them. And if you think that men are evil, then don't expect men to support you or protect you. The men who beat up on their women – and the women who benefit from policies that were fought for the most by liberal-minded men – are completely dishonest. Both of them benefit from the efforts of all sorts of people of the other gender. Their attitude that the other gender is evil allows them to gain from their efforts without compensating them according to what they get from them.

Both misogyny and misandry are a game. They are rackets that are used to get whatever one wants from the other gender without compensating them according to what they get from them. Neither has any honesty whatsoever; and both are a way to get what they want without doing one's part of honoring the person from whom they are getting such things.

I used to believe that women were better than men. After getting walked all over and viciously abused by feminists, I changed that attitude. I did not change my attitude to actual misogyny. I changed it to a rational attitude. The rational attitude states that anything capable of choice is capable of both right choices and wrong choices. There will be good men and bad men, and there will be good women and bad women.

If a woman is with a misogynist who keeps picking on all sorts of things in her character, the correct answer is, “Then why are you with me?” Someone who does such a thing is not owed a self-justification. Attempting to justify oneself is only bait for further abuse. If the man gets things out of the relationship, then he is obligated to treat the woman rightfully whatever he thinks of her character. Similarly, the women who benefit from liberal institutions that protect their rights and their liberties also owe it to the men who have had a part in this to treat them rightfully. And if they are not willing to treat liberal-minded men rightfully, then they are free to deal with Oklahoman or Afghani men whom they think to be real men and who would show them just what is the meaning of the concept.

I once had a friend from Russia who had been a geologist and then started a business. He was good to his wife. Then his wife told him that there were no real men left either in Russia or in America. I told him to say to her, “Check out the scene in Afghanistan.” She was an ungrateful brat; and that is what ungrateful brats deserve.

There is the saying that says, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” I have rarely seen the kind of animosity that I have seen between people and their exes. I took a different path. I maintained a positive relationship with my ex-wife. And now my daughter benefits from the attention of two loving parents.

Both me and my ex-wife were accused by all sorts of people of being horrible people. But both of us have acted in a much wiser manner than the people who have been saying such things. When my mother was being accused by someone of all sorts of malfeasance, she told me that her solution has been to act rightfully, and that doing so would refute these people's allegations. My mother has two loving sons, and she has not been in any way a failure. If you are a woman getting attacked by your partner – or if you are a man being attacked by feminists – I recommend her advice as a solution.

We see two complementary injustices. On one side of town, horrible women are being viciously abusive to men who have goodwill toward women. On the other side of town, horrible men are being brutal and malicious to women who have goodwill toward men. My solution to these two complementary injustices is the economic one. Bring together the better on each side. Let men from the first side of town get together with women from the other side of town. And in this way create better relationships for the two parties than they hope to have at home.

If you are a man benefiting from what you get from a woman, then you are obligated to treat her rightfully, whatever you think of her and whatever you think of women. And if you are a woman benefiting from liberties and equalities that were fought for by liberal-minded men, then you are likewise obligated to treat men rightfully. Neither men nor women are good or bad. Both are capable of both. Get some sense of perspective, and then appreciate the woman that you are with because she is not Catherine McKinnon – and appreciate the men around you because they are not Osama Bin Laden or Eminem.


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