Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Win-Win Scenarios and Implacable Enemies

Steven Covey, in his bestseller “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” advocated businesses working toward win-win scenarios. Bill Clinton applied the same mentality in arbitrating what worked for both business entities and countries. This is a highly effective approach; and in many cases it is the right approach toward which parties should strive.

There are however situations in which win-win scenarios are wrong. There is no such thing as win-win scenarios with someone who wants to kill you. With groups such as ISIS, the correct approach is not win-win scenarios but superior force.

The issue here is whom one is dealing with. If people involved in the deal seek their own best interest, then the solution is negotiating outcomes that work for both sides. If we are dealing with an implacable enemy, this is not the solution; the solution is defeating them.

There are some in America who regard anyone who's not a Republican as an enemy. This is called crying wolf. The French, the Jews and the liberals are not the enemies of America. They may disagree with Republicans, but they do not want to see America destroyed. Whereas ISIS is an actual enemy and should be treated as such.

A conservative poster once told me that Bill Clinton stood for America's weakness. No, he did not stand for America's weakness. Bill Clinton stood for win-win scenarios. He wanted America to do well; he also wanted liberty and prosperity extended to the rest of the world. We found the shortcoming of this approach with the terrorists. Most parties out there however are not terrorists; and with most of them it is in fact possible to seek win-win scenarios.

I have no idea which course of action the Trump administration would pursue. I recommend dealing with people based on what they are and on their intentions. With most people it is possible to seek win-win scenarios. Whereas no win-win scenarios can be found with implacable enemies. Do not treat terrorists as if they were Mexico, and do not treat the Jews or the French as if they were ISIS. Seek win-win scenarios when possible, and deal with implacable enemies through greater force.


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