Monday, March 27, 2017

"Posers" and Choice

I have known many people describing others as “posers” or “trying to be what they are not.”

My question to these people is, What determines what a person is?

There are some things that we are not in control of. We do not determine our color of eyes or hair, nor do we determine the country in which we are born. There are however many other things that very much are under our control; and it is wrong that such things be getting attacked.

People have choice. People have will. That means that anyone can rise out of the accident of his upbringing and become whatever he wants to be. It is especially outrageous to hear such attitudes in America. America was built by people who rejected the accident of their upbringing and invented themselves, their companies, their lives and the greatest country in the history of the world.

Choice is the essence of freedom. To deny people the right to become what they choose to become is therefore a form of enslavement. It may not come from the government; it may not involve barb wired fences; but it is a form of enslavement regardless.

And things of that sort have no business happening in nations that are intended to be free.

The most fundamental freedom is one to choose what to be. When this is under attack, the claims of life and liberty no longer become credible. You are not limited to what you were when you were 3. You are what you choose to become. And people who militate against that must stand aside.


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