Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ayn Rand As A Human Being

Ayn Rand was a big trend in 1990s. It appears, from the input I've seen on the Internet, that people did what they can and should do with any thinker. They have analyzed her work, then they took what applied and crucified the rest.

Now many people consider Ayn Rand to have been a bad human being. However there is more there than meets the eyes. I have taken an interest in her as a person, which most people who have taken interest in her work have not done. Now there are certainly any number of things that she did that were wrong. However I seek to advocate for her human side.

She appears to have been close to her father. Her father was a businessman under the Tsars. The Communists of course militated heavily against business. Her condemnation of Communism, and the intense focus of this condemnation, appears to be personal in nature. She was a loving daughter who made a lifelong cause of vindicating her father's values.

Any number of people consider her unconditional embrace of pure capitalism – and her intense hatred of Communism – to have been a product of heartlessness. Instead it appears to be the product of the exact opposite state of mind. She loved her father, and she hated an ideology that militated against him and his values. Once this is made known, it becomes possible to see her as a human being.

I do not think that this analysis has been made; and it needs to be made. We are seeing here very human reasons for her doing what she had done. This woman made a lifelong cause of vindicating her father's values and confronting an ideology that hated him and his kind.

Was Ayn Rand a bad person? Many people will say that she was. However many of them do not understand what she was as a person. It appears that her actions were driven by love. And that allows her to have a human dimension that most people familiar with her work do not see.


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