Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Earth and Other Modalities

There is a lot of talk about people being “down to earth” or about driving someone “to the good ole terra firma.” What these people don't realize is that the earth's crust is quite thin, and that under it is volume of molten metal. And the Earth revolves around the Sun, which is plasmic fire.

What this means, metaphorically, is that fire is the true creator, and that the earth is not. Additionally, life on earth demands air and water; and without these things the earth would be as barren as Jupiter.

Is there a need for earth? Of course there is. But there is also need for everything else that is there. Without oceans, and without the atmosphere, life would not exist. And without sun, the Earth would not exist, period.

This means that it is important for people to value things besides the earth's crust, which once again is quite thin. From the position of metaphysics, there is a need for all four elements. If you do not have a value for metaphysics, the same truths can be obtained from basic scientific fact. The earth revolves around the Sun. And it is air and water that are required to support life.

To support life, the different modalities have to learn how to work together. The contempt and even hatred that is had by overly earth-oriented people toward other modalities has to go. Earth is just one of the many things that are there. And without the sun, the water and the air, life on Earth would not exist.


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