Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Gender War Scoundrels

The problem with gender war is that it is completely unnecessary. Men and women can, and should, be able to get along. I am neither in favor of men nor in favor of women. I am in favor of men who are willing to be good to women and women who are willing to be good to men.

On one side, we see coercion upon men – even the better-natured men – to be ugly to women for the sake of their gender. My response to that is that nothing is owed to a gender, and that things are owed to everyone who contributed to humanity, of whom as many were women as men. I owe nothing to the next man that I don't also owe to the woman; and the people who exercise this coercion are a bunch of scoundrels.

On the other side we see people attacking women's beauty, kindness and goodness out of the claim that such things are catering to men or patriarchial. These people are scoundrels as well. A good woman will want to be good to her man, and she would also want to be good to the world. To exercise coercion instead upon these people to be nasty to men, is a perversion.

A perversion that robs women of their best qualities and maliciously attacks the best women under the false claim of speaking for women's rights.

Both men and women will always exist; and we need to learn how to get along in order to have a fruitful and long-term future. Both men and women need to have a goodwill toward one another and come up with arrangements that work for both. Only then will this problem be solved in a way that works for every party involved.


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