Sunday, June 07, 2015

Islamophobe But Not a Bigot

There are many people who see “Islamophobes” as being a bunch of bigots. I am sure that many of these people really are just that – bigots. I am an Islamophobe however, and I am not a bigot. I am against Islam knowingly.

My greatest reason for opposition to Islam is that Mohammed was a pedophile. Not only was he a pedophile, but he assumed that other people were pedophiles as well and actually promised boys in heaven. And I, for one, seek no part of such a heaven.

I would take morality from say Jesus, who actually lived an ethical life. But I would not take morality from some pedophilic idiot. And it is ridiculous that over a billion people around the world take their morality from such a person.

Have there been accomplishments by Muslim people? Of course there have been. But they are not to be credited to Islam. When a billion people live under an ideology, some of them are going to do good things. For that matter, there were people in Communism who accomplished impressive things as well. That does not make Communism right.

The Quran is powerful writing; but then so is the Mein Kampf. It is important to look at what it actually says. A book that promises boys in heaven should not be the moral authority for over a billion people. There is vastly more in Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism to recommend themselves than in Islam.

And there is also a lot more truth in secular science than there is in this creed.


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