Thursday, June 04, 2015

Science and Ethics

Faced with scientific research into the mystical and the paranormal, some Christians have been claiming that some forms of knowledge are unethical for humanity to have.

I ask this: Who in humanity? The priests are just as much a part of humanity as are scientists. And if they are allowed knowledge, then scientists should as well.

Really, whom will you trust more: the scientist or the priest? Science imposes great intellectual rigor upon its participants. Whereas most on the Christian Right – Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc. - are undisciplined scammers who feed people a load of lies and substitute paranoia and conspiracy theories for real knowledge.

The more there is actual research into such things, the greater grows the knowledge and the less becomes the room for scamming. Whereas without such research, scammers carry the day. Science demands honesty and transparency, which priestry does not. Which means that, the more such things are understood scientifically, the greater the honesty and transparency; and thus the greater the ethics.

There are two parties here that are deeply in the wrong. One is the scammers; and the other is the people who insist that such things cannot exist and that anyone to whom they have happened are liars, conmen or idiots. Having had very profound spiritual experiences, I know for a fact that both are wrong. Only the second is wrong honestly, while the first is wrong dishonestly.

The more there is solid research into such things, the less becomes the room for conmanship and deception. And that is a profound and ethical service done to humankind.


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