Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Statist Myth

When I was a student at the University of Virginia, there was a sign by the local libertarian organization stating, “Smash the chains of statism.”

I ask this. If America really did have a problem with statism, would these people have been allowed to say such a thing?

I have lived under real statism, and I say outright that there is nothing in America that begins to approach real statism. The real problems with America come from unofficial entities. It comes from communities, it comes from religions, it comes from societies, and it comes from corrupt entities in business, medicine and the law.

I have known a woman in America who had three of her relatives murdered in the health care system. The corrupt doctors enlisted corrupt coroners and corrupt lawyers to cover up their crimes.

I have known a woman who tried to flee a man who was sexually abusing their children. The court not only awarded the child to the perpetrator, but had the woman's paycheck garnished to pay child support to that man; so that, even though she is a successful engineer, she lives out of a truck.

And there are many, many more.

In many of these cases, the people who are actually perpetrating real corruption want the government out there because they don't want their corruption seen or confronted. Under the banner of liberty and transparency is perpetrated very real wrong. The bully cliques and the corrupt groups masquerade behind anti-government rhetoric to prevent government scrutiny for their wrongdoing. And this does not begin to serve liberty. It serves corruption.

One constant among all generations is that the youth tends to rebel against their predecessors; and in my generation the youth rebellion sentiment was hijacked by genuinely corrupt entities and directed against the people who were their actual allies. There were many ideal-driven people who followed Kennedy's call for public service. And in making the government out to be the enemy of the youth of my generation, they were deprived of their ally and made to serve the corrupt.

I would have respect for libertarians if they posted up a sign such as that in China or in Iran. But I have no respect for the people who attack the world's most benevolent government while doing nothing to fight real corruption. America does not have a statist problem. It has a problem with private organs of oppression. Sometimes it includes the government. But that's not where the problem ends or begins.


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