Friday, June 05, 2015

Baby Boomers and Social Conservatives

In 1997 I stopped at a diner while driving through rural Maryland, and I noticed something. The children looked fine; the old people looked fine. But the middle-aged people looked haggard and unhealthy.

It did not take long for me to realize that the reason for this is that this community was being run by social conservatives who hated the baby boomers and basically wished them all dead. They wanted to make life for them as bad as they possibly could in order to deter the future generations from espousing the same ideals that baby boomers once did. They saw them as the bad crop and basically wanted to work them to death, then appropriate the results of all their work and use them to control their children.

Of course there are people with the same attitudes on the Internet, and I've had to deal with them. Let me tell you that they are a very vicious bunch. They are exceptionally cruel, and they justify their cruelty by thinking themselves righteous. I've had to fight any number of such people, and it was not a positive experience for me.

Are baby boomers a bad crop? I've known a lot of baby boomers who were good people. They did fight for civil rights and women's rights. They did do a lot to grow the economy. There are any number of towering figures in that generation, from Steven Jobs and Bill Gates to Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. Any number of baby boomers are also very intelligent and artistic and have a lot of meaningful things to say.

My generation has been under coercion to be hateful to baby boomers. I do not hate baby boomers; I am however infuriated by witch hunts and persecutions, and this is what we have here. Whatever these people's sins are, they do not deserve this kind of treatment.

And from what I have seen, their sins are much less than those of their persecutors.


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