Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Blaming the Women; Blaming the Jews

Historically in the Western civilization, two populations have been blamed for the world's suffering. One is the women; the other is the Jews.

Today we are seeing a resurgence of blaming of both these populations. And it is imperative that both trends be checked before they lead to something like Inquisition or the Second World War.

The Jew-haters claim that Jews are in control, and that the Jews are evil. This is very easy to refute. If Jews were in control, and if Jews were evil, then people saying such things would be facing a firing squad. That they are instead free to spread their propaganda shows either that Jews are not in control, or that the Jews are so good that they would even let live the people who want them dead.

With women-blamers, the question to ask is, Which woman, Gloria Steinem or Phyllis Schaffly? Or Britney Spears? Or Sandy Lerner? Or Angela Merkel? Or Marie Curie? Women differ from one another as much as do men and do not constitute a homogeneous force.

Even if there was a person such as Eve, so what? What do Jane Fonda and Eve have in common? Contemporary women are no more responsible for the actions of Eve than I, as a man, am responsible for the actions of Osama Bin Laden. My daughter, my mother and my grandmother did not eat the Forbidden Fruit. And if someone treated them as if they did, believe me he would hear from me.

The men who advocate hatred of women are the Iagos of the contemporary world. They influence men, including better-natured men, to be horrible to women, including women they love. They make life horrible for women, and they also fill men's heads with paranoid nonsense that makes them miserable as well. I found a way to stand up to this nonsense. I forgave my ex-wife the things that she had done, and we now enjoy a fruitful friendship. I recommend that other men likewise dismiss the Iagos of the world for the creeps that they are and operate from the position of goodwill and compassion – which incidentally Christianity demands, and the lack of which when demonstrated by a person shows him to not be true to God.
Certainly there are women who are jerks; but there are men who are jerks as well. In the gender war, we see the worst on both sides. On one side we see abusive paranoid scumbags putting poison into men's minds and motivating them to treat their women terribly. On the other we see malicious harpies influencing other women to be as bad as themselves. Have your pick: Iago or The Shrew. Neither is anywhere close to being good.

Neither the Jews nor the women deserve the blame for the wrong in the world. Suffering, for one, pre-exists both the Jews and the women by millions of years. Dinosaurs suffered too. And in the human societies, suffering is much worse in places such as Afghanistan that have neither feminism nor the Jews than it is in places such as the USA that have both.

The real reasons for suffering are far removed from blaming either the women or the Jews. There is suffering that is man-made, and there is suffering that comes from natural causes. The solution to man-made suffering is making better decisions. The solution to natural suffering is protecting people from it. In neither case are the women or the Jews at fault; and in neither case is the problem solved by attacking either.

As more people challenge political correctness, we are going to see much ugliness come out; and the solution is not to attempt to censor it but to refute it. I hope more people join me in doing this. That is what is supposed to happen in a democratic context.


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