Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AIDS and God

One of Pat Robertson's most ridiculous statements is that AIDS is God's way of controlling the homosexual population.

If that had been the case, then most people dying of AIDS would be gay men in San Francisco and not straight men and women in Africa.

If man is made in God's image, then it is logical that someone would construe God as being made in his. If you are an asshole, then you may be likely to construe God as being an asshole as well. I do not believe that such beliefs portray God rightfully. I do not think that God is an asshole. That does not mean that the same is not the case for Pat Robertson.

I, for myself, am not gay at all. I have been described as “fag bait” by a bisexual man. There have been many gay men who wanted me; but I did not reciprocate their attractions.

I once heard a Christian woman saying that nature is pure, as in nature there is no homosexuality. She clearly did not study her biology. Bonobos screw anything that moves and some things that do not.

I do not see for one moment why a loving deity would inflict something like AIDS on straight men and women in Africa and elsewhere in the world. I believe that God is not an asshole. And the people who are have no business claiming to speak for God.

To me, it means absolutely nothing how consenting adults behave sexually. It is not my business. I am straight, but that does not mean that I will demand that others be as well. No, AIDS is not God's way of controlling the homosexual population. It is a virus that has found its way to infect all sorts of people, some of them homosexual and some of them straight.

At this point, AIDS is under control among homosexual Americans. It continues to range in Africa, infecting man and woman alike regardless of orientation. God is too wise a deity to allow such things to happen. God is not made in Pat Robertson's image. He is a far better entity than that.


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