Saturday, August 12, 2017

False Gods And True God

It appears that, when people make a false God, the true God will take it away.

Some people make a false God out of the political system; so then the political system turns to trash and acts terribly toward the same people who worship it. Some people make a false God out of the economic system; so then the economic system likewise turns to trash and behaves in an ugly manner. Some people make a false God of society; so then society likewise turns into rubbish. Some people make a false God out of the mind; and the mind goes insane.

Kwame Nkrumah, a much-revered independence leader of Ghana, said “seek ye political kingdom and all else will follow.” The first generation African political leaders did just that – with disastrous results. Africa right now is improving, and the large part of the reason is that they've learned from their errors. You do not elevate state to the status of God. That elevates whoever runs the state to the status of God, and no human being deserves that kind of power.

Who does? God and only God. I have learned this the hard way, having tried out just about everything that is there. I have had influences from all sorts of places, and most of them did not get along. As a result of this I wound up with a huge mess in my head that it has taken me tons of work to resolve. In the process I have come up with useful ideas. But more importantly I have seen what works and what does not work and in what ways, and more importantly – why.

When you elevate the state to the status of God, you give godlike powers to a flawed human being. The same is the case with economic and corporate system. The same is the case with society, intelligence, relationships, what have you. In most cases the situation turns sour. For a long time feminism held promise for a better future; then leaders of feminism started acting like jerks and acting in a vicious and irresponsible manner. For a long time psychology held promise for a better future; then psychology turned fascist. Whereas God has a much greater wisdom than any of such mentalities, and it is rightful that He alone hold that kind of power.

So when a false human god is elevated, it appears bound that such a thing will turn fascist in one or another way. We have seen this with just about everything that has been tried. Africans seek political kingdom first, and they get abused by a bunch of despots. People worship money and success, and wind up eaten up by a system that swallows them whole. People believe in feminism as a path to a better future, it turns into a vicious and fascist movement. We see this with psychology, sociology, and just about everything else.

The correct situation is just what is said in the Bible. It is to “seek ye God's righteousness and all else will follow.” The world's wisdom, as the Bible says, is foolishness in the eyes of God. The correct solution is to rely on the wisdom of God. And then it appears that God will arrange one's life in such a way that correct things to want are provided for, whereas wrongful things to want are not wanted any more.


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